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Reflections of My Motherhood Journey

Darnaya and I at her UMD Graduation '08On August 1, 1986, God blessed me to become a mother when my firstborn, Darnaya (who is now 25 years old and a mother of two herself), came into the world in Brooklyn, NY.  My life instantly became greater not only in responsibility, but in blessings.  Darnaya was indeed quite a gift to behold and so she is to me today: She is and has been such a wonderful daughter to me.  For that, I’m truly grateful to God and thankful to her.  She has blessed me to become a “Glam-Mommy” of two beautiful Grand-Princesses – who I’ll focus on tomorrow in my Mother’s Day Weekend Blogging reflections.   Darnaya, Mommy and I at my RU Graduation 2008

Surprisingly 13 years later on March 26, the Lord granted me another priceless gift when my baby boy, DaSean (13 years old) came into the world in the presence of my self-adopted 2nd Mom, Susan, my GodMother Earlene, and DaSean’s GodMother Ronda (his Dad’s Navy ship was in Spain at the time of his birth although we videotaped the memories).  Talk about being ecstatic to have a son – and my excitement has only increased over the years:  DaSean keeps me moving and shaking in activities, like football, that I’d never dreamed I’d learn to enjoy or even understand for that matter (LOL).  Remember, I was adjusted to being a “Girly Mom” attending dance classes and fashion shows (smile).  Now, I’ve become a sports fanatic and I’m loving it!  I thank God that as a single-Mom to DaSean, we are surrounded by an entire village of God-fearing, family-oriented and successful-minded men within our family, church and community who pour into DaSean’s life tremendously.  As a result, he is a fine young man (with “Godly Swag,” as one of my Royal Soaror Sisters recently described him) and is continuously maturing to become a fine gentleman in the future.  He is my present drummer/percussionist and future airpilot and NFL #1 Draft Pick! “Go, DaSean, I’m supporting you all the way!!!”

“Heavenly Father, I thank You for blessing me with two beautiful children to call my own, although I know they, first and foremost, belong to You. Continue to cover them with Your Love, wisdom, strength and guidance so they can continue to be blessed themselves and a blessing to others.”

DaSean recently fitted for his 1st men-sized suit“Darnaya and DaSean, thank you for being the priceless gifts that give me a reason to celebrate and be called to the beautiful role of “MOTHER.”


In His Love Always,

A Letter of Thanksgiving

Dear Heavenly Father,

We Your Royal Children, give wholehearted thanks to you during this holiday season for all that You’ve done for us. Without You, we are nothing, but in You, we are everything!

Through the ups and downs, the highs and the lows of life, You Daddy, has remained a very present Helper, a Rock of Strength, a Tower of Exhortation, an unfailing Provider, and above all, an unconditional Source of true Love to us–Your special treasures and created ones! There was not one moment this year, that You failed to keep Your promises or fulfill your position as our King of kings and Lord of lords in the earth.

Times arose when we couldn’t depend on friends or family who turned their backs on us or failed to grasp the importance of our roles in their lives. Circumstances arose when we didn’t know how we were going to survive financially, physically, spiritually, socially, mentally, or emotionally, but You–the Ultimate Father–came through each and every time just when we needed You the most! Feelings of depression, failure, suicide, or unworthiness attempted to come nigh our dwelling, but You–Jehovah Raffa–encamped Your sustaining and healing angels around us that protected our minds to keep them stayed on You. Family, community, political, ethnic, and even denominational religious warfare arose with battling flames, but You God, raised up a hand of defense of our behalf to bring peace, forgiveness and unity back into the midst of our environments. Experiences of grief touched some of our homes due to the transition of loved ones from earth to glory, but You heavenly Father turned our mourning into dancing while continuing to help us process the spirit of grieving loss! Hallelujah, Glory to You God!!!

And for these blessings, We, The Sons & Daughters of God, Thank You! We honor You! We exalt You! We continue to need You! And above all, we Love You with our whole hearts, minds and souls!

To You Lord we say Thank You for all You’ve Done for Us!

Your Royal Children & Kingdom Heirs
The Sons & Daughters of God

P.S. From my Family to your’s, I wish you a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving. May your travels be safe, your food be delicious, and above all, your Loving amongst God, yourselves and others, flow abundantly!

Love Always, Your Sister Darnella

Radio Show: Loving Family Back Together Again”

Evangelist DarnellaToday’s radio show ministered to the hearts of family members individually, as well as the family unit corporately. God has a master plan and design for your family that the enemy does not want to materialize. Hence, is the reason for some of the warfare, division, arguments, and wounds that have surfaced amongst family members (mothers against daughters, nieces against aunts, uncles against brothers, etc.). And although the Word of God speaks of family division in the end times, He also speaks of healing, wholeness and togetherness as the answer.

Love is the key ingredient to forgivess. It is the power to forgive and extend grace to one another that will begin the healing process for you and your family.

The main Scriptures on todays show for your reading/studying pleasure: Ecclesiates 4:9-12, Luke 17:1-4, Matthew 18:21, Proverbs 10:12, Philippians 3:13, Psalm 119:157-160, 1Peter 2:21-23, 1Samual 12:23, Matthew 5:44 and Romans 12:19-21).

Be blessed by this audio and please e-mail me your comments at thedaughterofchrist.gmail.com. Click “Favorite” if this BTR show is blessing you and keep me upifted as I share His Love unconditionally.

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Radio Show: “Loving Your Haters”

Wow–what a powerful Word from God on how we as Sons & Daughters of Christ are to handle or treat our enemies. We don’t retaliate with war, but refresh them with His permanent and unconditional love. Listen and be blessed; the audio also includes “After Show Discussion” between myself and one of my Spiritual Mothers in Zion, Elder Hazel Makle (Founder of Mothers in Zion Ministries), who shared great insight on the need for us to perfect His Love Walk in our lives. Please post your comments, as well as “favorite” my Blog Talk Radio Show.

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