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Bursting With God-Love!

I woke up this morning feeling a fresh dose of Abba’s love!  Nothing else seems to matter to me today other than the fact that God is Love and so am I! As His Royal Daughter, I have the honor and privilege of lying down and waking up every day of my life with God-Love covering and hovering over me. Guess what my Royal Siblings? So do you!

 Walk in God-Love like you’re going somewhere… Divine Destiny!

 In this fast-paced greedy-style world, if we’re not careful, we can get “sucked” into believing we’re unloved or unimportant.  But that is a lie straight from the pit of hell.  On the contrary, your life matters to God and His Love is always available to you.  You and I were born to Love and to be Loved unconditionally.  You and I have the privilege to receive God’s Love, the right to express God’s Love, and the mandate to share God’s Love with others.  When we accept and exchange these priceless Love gifts, we instantly begin changing within ourselves and the world around us for the better.  As I tweeted this morning on Twitter as @HisLoveEvang, “God-Love – Eat it, Speak it, Receive it, Live it, and for God’s sake Royal Siblings, please Demonstrate it!”

Today is a new day to receive a fresh dose of Abba’s Love specifically gifted just to you!  The pain and disappointments of yesterday are gone.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Love from the True Source is flowing in and all around you right now – graciously receive it!  Love on yourself, and I guarantee you, others will be magnetized to love right back on you!  Beginning with me…

I Love you and so does He (DaddyGod)!


Your Sister Darnella
The Daughter of Christ

P.S. I’m so excited – I’m coming to Tampa, FL on June 30th to launch a brand new Chapter of The Daughters of Christ Soarority (DsOC-FL)! If you are a Kingdom Sister in the Tampa, FL area and would love to join us for this God-Loving and God-powerful launch service, reach out to me via the Contact Form or click on “His Daughters” for more information. Keep me uplifted as I bring wayward Sons & Daughters back home relationally to Abba God as well as to one another as Royal Kingdom Siblings.

Darnella’s Happenings

My Dearest Royal Readers,

Wow, it has been quite some time since I’ve blogged, but trust me, I’ve been busier for our Lord over the past few months than I’ve ever been.  In fact, I just realized that I hadn’t blogged since the new year rang in.  I’m so excited about all that Abba God is doing in me and through me for His glory! Let me catch you up to speed with me…

On January 23rd, my second granddaughter, Zaivia Danielle, was born and I was there to witness her blessed birth as well as was the first person (in our family) to hold her (this reminded me of when my self-adopted 2nd Mom Susan Sherzer was in delivery with me when my son DaSean was born and she was the first person in our family to hold him).  One of the first things I did upon holding Zaivia Danielle, was speak God’s love, anointing and blessings upon her life as a Royal Daughter of Christ who will (prayerfully) one day grow up, along with her big sister, Samaya Pearl, to take the reign of leadership in the organization which her “Glam-Mommy” Dar founded in 2010. 

Darnella's 2nd Grand-Princess Zaivia Danielle

February 18th, I attended a friend’s family retreat at the Wyndham Resorts in Williamsburg, VA where I received prophetic instruction from God through Prophetess Tia Langdon to change the traditional spelling of “Sorority” to the spiritual connotation of “Soarority” in The Daughters of Christ, Inc.’s name which expresses clearly our non-secular viewpoint and mission as women of God “soaring” and “catapulting” for God’s glory through God-love and –service.  We are now known as The Daughters of Christ “Soarority.” 

March 24th, in honor of my Co-Host’s, Min. Darren A. Davis’, 1st Year Anniversary on our BTR Show, I changed the name to “The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show,” which now boasts over 7,500 listens!  DaSean's 13th Birthday Tailored Suit FittingMarch 26th, my son, DaSean, turned 13 years old which means, I am now a doting mother of a teenage boy (pray for my strength in the Lord family)!  Part of our celebration into “manhood” was shopping at Nordstrom for his first men-sized tailored suit: He chose a Calvin Klein which he wore to our organization’s Founders Weekend Royal Induction Banquet and was too fine to behold!  

April 1st, As Founder, I’m so proud to say: Happy 2nd Birthday to The Daughters of Christ, Inc.April 8th, Happy 1st Birthday to The Sons of Christ, Inc.!  BlogTalkRadio Show Hosts Darnella & DarrenApril 13-15th, Along with Royal Brother Darren, I hosted The Sons & Daughters of Christ (first unified) Founders Weekend 2012 (yes, we let the brothers join us this year)!  This was The DsOC’s 2nd annual event and our fraternity brotherhood’s 1st one.  Our new DsOC Royal Soarors and SsOC Royal Brothers were inducted into our awesome Royal Society Family at our Royal Induction Banquet held on that Saturday evening at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel:  Thank you to the wonderful, hospitable and professional staff at Hyatt Dulles for making our event a successful one (as always, your food was delicious).  Our Royal Brothers and Soaror Sisters throughout the U.S. in our organizations attended for an entire weekend that included a Royal Welcome Reception to open FW2012 on Friday evening, Morning Glory with Soaking Prayer, Healing and Seminar Sessions on Saturday, and as our finale, a Sunday Morning Worship Service.  I want to personally thank you, my family and friends, who supported me through your love, prayers and financial donations to be a blessing to so many others at this momentous event.  May God continue to bless you abundantly in return! Darnella's Personal Moment with Abba at FW2012 Welcome Reception

Now, after having rested from, although I’m still soaring as a result of, The Sons & Daughters of Christ Founders Weekend 2012, I’m passionately releasing the Love of God in every way and to everyone I can!

Please keep me uplifted in your prayers as you and your families are in my mine.

In His Love Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. Remember to stream online or dial 1-646-915-9584 every Saturday at Noon to join Royal Brother Darren and I live on The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show. If you miss us, you can always catch up with us on iTunes.