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Prophetic Hour w/Sis. Darnella & Prophet Marquez Griffin 12/15 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio

Prophet Marquez Griffin

Prophet Marquez Griffin

BTRLogoThe Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show” hosted by your Sister Darnella with her Special Guest and Kingdom Brother, Prophet Marquez Griffin who is Founder of Kingdom Mentorship International as well as the Protege of Dr. Mike Murdock (Founder & Senior Pastor of the Wisdom Center). Prophet Marquez and I opened up the show discussing and praying regarding the tragedy that had taken place at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newtown, CT two days prior. Then Prophet Marquez ministered prophetically a powerful Message to include a personal prophecy to me as well as a corporate one to the vision of The Sons & Daughters of Christ.

Listen to the full Message and be blessed by clicking the link:  Prophetic Hour w/Sis. Darnella & Prophet Marquez Griffin 12/15 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio.

Abba’s Passionate Visionairies w/Bro. Sonny & Sis. Darnella 12/01 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio

Sonny Rivera

Sonny Rivera


Based on her Blog entitled “Abba’s Passionate Visionairies,” The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak Show Host, your Sister Darnella, along with Gospel Artist Sonny Rivera passionately empowers you to walk out the vision that Abba God desires to birth out of your life!

Listen and be Blessed by clicking here:  Abba’s Passionate Visionairies w/Bro. Sonny & Sis. Darnella 12/01 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio.


Although I’m always thankful to Abba for a new day, there are simply just some days I wake up without the mental or physical energy to get up and get going.  I want to remain lying in my beautiful canopy bed, listening to the beautiful sound of my waterfall fountain flowing while basking in the fullness of relaxation whether it’s a rainy or sun shiny day (smile).  Have you ever had days like that?  Then I ponder how effective it is to live what I deem the “God-Love Life” on a daily basis and realize that I can’t waste any precious God-given moments or opportunities to release the awesome Love of God to the world.  Living the God-Love Life has not only been a blessing to me, but walking in consistent unconditional Love through the power of the Holy Spirit residing within me has blessed all those within the sphere of my influence as well.  The God-Love Life defined:  It is a lifestyle of being the Son or Daughter of God who looks like, acts like, serves like, and above all, love like their Heavenly Father who created us for His glory!  Learning to do so through a personal relationship with DaddyGod is an ongoing process:  The closer we draw nearer to Him, the more of Him becomes the character and fabric of who we are and what we’re made of as His Royal Children!

 “Because He Is, We Are… The Sons & Daughters of God!”

The transforming, motivating, healing and inspiring power of God’s unconditional Love is amazing!  In fact, it’s so amazing, it is too good to not wholeheartedly embrace or have the passionate energy necessary to receive for ourselves as well as release to others.  By Abba’s grace, I personally look forward to seeing another day full of His Love flowing towards and outside of me.  With each new day, His unfailing Love gives me an instantaneous energy boost causing my feet to hit the ground, up and literally running for my “God-Love Life!”  Consequently, I now include in my morning prayers, especially on those mornings I don’t feel like getting up, this specific prayer request:

 “DaddyGod, please provide me with the inner energy and strength I need to face this new day You’ve blessed me with; I thank and praise You in advance for energizing this good ‘ole God-Love Life of mine that You, and only You, empower me to live for my benefit and Your glory!”

I pray that the loving and energizing power of our Havenly Father will continue to rest, rule and abide upon us as Sons and Daughters of God moreso now than ever before enabling us to change the outside world for the better by allowing Him to make the necessary changes within us personally.  “DaddyGod I, Your Daughter Darnella,  humbly ask, please begin with me!”

Remember, being a Royal Son or Daughter of God is not about being in a religion, but more importantly, it’s predicated upon you having and being in a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father and Lord who created and loves you!  Once you return to Abba, don’t worry about your issues or shortcomings, He’ll do the rest.  As my fellow BTR Host, Royal Bro. Darren, ministered so powerfully on last week’s show, “soul salvation is an ongoing process.” You may not be the ultimate picture of who DaddyGod has purposed you to be, but surely you can ponder the mirrored reflection of yesterday and clearly see that since returning home to Abba, you are not the same person you used to be! Hallelujah to God be all the glory!

I love you, am praying for you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my intentional endeavors to touch the world with God-Love.

Loving Abba & You Always,
Your Royal Sister Darnella

P.S. Check out the refreshened design of my Website (www.thedaughterofchrist.com) that includes my new feature column of “Kingdom-Star Businesses,” which presently features an excellent transportation service for children ages 7-18 in the Northern VA/DC area!

P.P.S. To express our appreciation to our Royal Listeners, on our upcoming Fall BTR Shows, Royal Bro. Darren and I are going to sow fashion seeds of blessings from us to you from Forever 21, another one of our rated “Kingdom-Star” businesses!  Listen to the recent/future BTR Shows to find out how you can submit your name to win.

I humbly serve as Founder of The Daughters of Christ, Inc. that recently launched a chapter in Tampa, FL –  The Daughters of Christ Soarority of Florida (“DsOC-FL”); our organization held an Interest Meeting this past Saturday for our rising chapter in my home city of Brooklyn, NY; DsOC-BKLYN is coming!  Kingdom Sisters in these cities, I would love for you to join this powerful Kingdom Movement of Royal Daughters connecting their hearts in love and hands in service for Abba’s glory! Just visit our blog and fill out the Contact Form for more information.

Coming this Fall, I’m launching Royal Daughter University! Along with industry and ministry professionals, the Holy Spirit through me will be teaching and demonstrating to us as women how to live the God-Love Life in their natural and spiritual lives, homes, communities, finances, fashions, etc., via on-line interactive courses as well as conducting in-person seminars throughout local chapter cities of The Daughters of Christ Soarority.  Click its page on my blog for more information.

Godmom Earlene & Dr. Nasir Siddikki

 The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show launches a brand new show airing every other Tuesday evening; next scheduled show is August 28 at 8:00-8:30pm EST entitled “A 30-Minute Dose of Healing with GodMom Earlene.”  My Godmother has been anointed by God and trained for over two decades in the ministry of healing by partnering with great men and women of God of healing and deliverance ministries.  She’ll also be providing healthy eating food tips and so much more!  If you miss the live show, you can listen to the recording at our website and/or via iTunes by searching my name.

BTR Show: Salvation Is A Process-Sanctification Part 3 by Royal Bro. Darren

We thank you, our Royal Audience, for soaring The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show to over 12,100+ listens!!!

P.S. Be sure to listen closely to a Special Announcement regarding our Fall Shows that can possibly be a blessing to you in the area of fashion!

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On BTR: “Salvation Is A Process Dealing w/Your Past, Present & Future!”

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internet radio with Darnella Moore on Blog Talk Radio

This Heart of Mine!

My Dearest Royal Readers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, but I haven’t ceased sharing Abba’s divine Love and life-changing Messages as a Daughter. Life has been busy, and at times, challenging, but it will never hinder me from Loving God, Loving myself and Loving you.  You and your families have been and will always remain in my heart and prayers.

In September, I began a new (secular) job as well as traveled every weekend for ministry assignments: One of my highlights was serving as the Mistress of Ceremony for my Brother-in-Law’s, Minister-elect Winfred Basnight’s, Initial Sermon held in Moyock, NC where most of my paternal side of my family attended. Congratulations Winfred on becoming another mouthpiece for God in our family!

During the month of October alone, I’ve faced the difficult pain of losing three people who were special and significant parts of my life: My 44-year-old cousin, Rhonda Jones; my very first Pastor and Spiritual Father, Bishop Landon E. Penn (Founder of Universal Temple Church of God, Brooklyn, NY) and the father, Deacon Hoey W. Best, of one of my DsOC Royal Soror Sisters. I literally attended each of their Homegoing Celebration/funerals on three (3) weekends back-to-back in a row. But God! Even in the midst of death, I experienced the Love of God through family, friends and strangers in such a powerful way. My heart was touched, moved and changed forever during these seasons of transition not only for each of my loved ones, but for me too. 

My Sister Robin, Brother Jermaine attending our cousin Rhonda's funeral

This heart of mine is stronger and more passionate for Love and life now than it ever has been before. I’ve realized that my time to reach out and Love, touch or help someone is limited. Therefore, I must make every moment of my blessed, yet humble life count. My daily prayer to Abba God now includes, “Father, pour more of Your Love deeply within me so that more of Your Love can come flowing out to bless the world around me for your glory.”

I share and invite you to add this or a similar request to your personal prayer closet. When we get our Love-walk and hearts aligned with the Source of Love – our Creator God, then the world will truly indeed be a place in which sorrow may still consist, but where the joy of our Lord shall more abound!

Today, I’m counting my blessings of being surrounded by Loving and Loyal family and friends — my priceless gifts from Abba God. I pray you’re able to do the same.

Loving You Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. Join me every Saturday at Noon EST on BlogTalkRadio live by streaming www.blogtalkradio.com/darnellamoore or dialing 1-646-915-9584; if you miss it, listen to the recording at the website or listen on iTunes.

P.P.S. Join me and The Sons & Daughters of Christ throughout the U.S. every 1st and 3rd Monday evenings at 9:00pm EST for our Royal Family Teleconference; we spend an hour together and have a good ‘ole Loving great time! Dial: 1-218-862-7200, Conference Code: 408568