Her Radio Show

Her BTR Show Launched June 12, 2010


with your Hosts
Royal Soaror Prophetess Darnella Moore
Royal Brother Min. Darren A. Davis
others within our Royal Kingdom Family of  
Sons & Daughters of Christ

Tuesday 8pm EST ~ A 30-Minute Dose of His Healing
Royal Mother Min. Earlene H. Ford


Airing Live Every Saturday at Noon EST
Our 1-Hour Show

“Candid Kingdom Conversation Between Sons & Daughters”
Our 1/2 Hour Show
“A 30-Minute Dose of His Love!”

E-mail your prayer request to thedaughterofchrist@gmail.com

Tune In Live: Dial 1(646) 915-9584 or Stream Live
iTunes Subscribe to our Podcast by Searching “Darnella Moore”

Royal Bro. Darren & Sis. Darnella
The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BTR Hosts

From the bottom of our humble hearts and the very depths of our souls, Pastor/Royal Bro. Darren and I want to thank God and you so much for connecting your hearts with our’s through BlogTalkRadio.  You have caused us to reach the world with Abba’s Love, Power and Glory that lies resident in each of us as His Sons & Daughters; for that, we thank you!

The key Message for our lives as two great longtime friends and hosts of this extraordinary show is expressing the importance of knowing three (3) crucial facts as a born-again child of God:  your Royal Identity – “Because He Is, You Are, A Son or Daughter of Christ” –  your Royal Identification – “Because God is Love, So Are You!” – and your Royal Identifier – “My DaddyGod’s Name is Jesus Christ the Lord!”  The best way to remember who you are is to be who you are – A Loving, giving and compassionate human being modeling the character of Jesus born on purpose for purpose who will impact the world in such an ongoing way that will bless others, fulfill self and glorify your Heavenly Father Creator God Who loves and cares for you!

Every Saturday, you’ll first and foremost experience an overwhelming flow of God’s Love, hear good ‘ole Gospel Music, be inspired by powerful, practical and prophetic biblical Messages straight from the heart of Abba God through our’s, along with awareness of Kingdom news happening on both the East (where I reside) and West (where Darren resides) Coasts, as well as motivating testimonial interviews by Special Guests/Hosts who Love the Lord as much as we do.  One thing is for sure, your “God-Love Life” will begin to SOAR the first time you tune in and continue to abundantly FLOW towards God, yourself and others each time you do so thereafter.

Be sure to subscribe to the BTR Show link through the website to automatically receive notification reminders by e-mail two hours prior an upcoming show as well as share the link with those in your social networking circle.  Also, feel free to e-mail us your comments, prayer requests or show ideas at thedaughterofchrist@gmail.com. In fact, leave a comment right here on this page too.

Royal Bro. Darren and I unconditionally, passionately and abundantly LOVE our God and you our Brethren!

You are in our hearts and prayers daily; our confession for your life is that you’ll have great success in who you are and in all that you do as His Royal Child-our Royal Sibling! Keep Pastor Darren and I uplifted in your prayers as we continue to grow along with you to become the Sons & Daughters of God that we all were created to be!

And please, please, please always remember what time it is…


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