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A Prayer I Layed Down Over My Paternal Family


“Father, In the Matchless Name Lord Jesus, we honor and praise You for being the Head of our family and the Center of our joy! We thank You Father God for bringing our past, present and future generations to our knees in submission and obedience to you as your Royal Children as well as for hand-picking us as Your Special Possession to spread Your Love, Gospel and Healing to the world. I speak an evangelistic, prophetic and apostolic anointing over every household represented in our family! Every member shall be saved, shall be used, and shall be great in the earth for your glory! I speak divine healing over those who are sick, prosperity over those who are broke, and power over those who need a deliverance in their souls and spirits. In this, Your Perry Family, I decree and declare as The Daughter of Christ, that there is NOTHING missing and NOTHING broken! We are well, whole and complete in every area of our lives. Our children are blessed, provided for and are/shall be academic, athletic and social Achievers! Our men are Royal Priesthood earthly Leading kings inside their homes as well as outside in their communities. Our women are Royal Priesthood earthly Leading queens within and around the sphere of their personal influence. We re-anoint all over again every one of us who represent one of the 5-fold Ministry positionings (Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Apostle or Prophet) so that we may operate more powerfully in the manifestation of the gifts of the spirit to include miracles, signs and wonders. We speak a brand new generation of Men and Women of God – Sons & Daughters of Christ within this family who will speak an even greater revelation of your Word; for the Bible says, each generation of a family goes from glory to glory. We thank You Lord for our ancestors-the forerunners, for Ernie Simons who spearheaded this family celebration in remembrance and the great legacy of his brother Garry Simons; may all that they have poured into us return 100-fold unto them and their lineage. In the Name of Jesus we pray and declare as a Family: To God Be All the Glory!!!”

In His Love & Power,
Evangelist Darnella Moore
The Daughter of Christ & Elder Horace L. Owens
P.S.  On Sunday, September 29, 2012, my cousin Ernie requested that I execute the “Closing Prayer” for our family’s Facebook Family Reunion Celebration Page that he’d created two weeks prior in honor of his brother Garry Simons as well as all of our ancestors who had transitioned to glory. This page was a display of our family members’ thoughts, photos and memories of our history.  The Perrys are may paternal Grandmother’s side of my father’s family.  I was so humbled and honored to do so.  While talking to my Dad later that evening, the Holy Spirit led me to share this personal family prayer publicly so others may be blessed by it as much as we were.  Printing is available when reading it directly from my Blog at  I pray that it is a blessing to you and your’s!
P.P.S. Join me this evening, Monday, Oct 1 at 9pm EST, on The Sons &  Daughters of Christ National Teleconference by Dialing 1-218-862-7200, Conference Code: 408568 as well as every Saturday at Noon EST for The Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show that blessing the hearts and souls of Abba’s Royal Children all over the world!

Abba’s Fathers Reign!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

You and I just celebrated our Fathers, whether natural, spiritual, adopted or simply respected as such, and the significant role they walk out in our lives.  I pray that you had a wonderful Fathers Day Weekend.  I thank God that I did as a result of spending quality time with my natural Father, Elder Horace L. Owens, on Saturday at a gospel stage production in Baltimore, MD featuring Gospel Legendary Artist, Twinkie Clark, and my “baby” brother, Andre Owens, on keyboards (the most anointed Kingdom Keyboardist and Percussionist that I know; for bookings, e-mail: 

Pastor Joel R Peebles Sr of City of Praise Church

Pastor Joel R Peebles Sr.

On Fathers Day, I had a blessed time with my Spiritual Father, Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr. and our City of Praise Church  Family at Lake Arbor Golf Course in MD, at our “Praise in the Park” Sunday worship service.  I don’t know if you know our story as a church family, but we are living proof that a church is not a building, but on the contrary, surely indeed God’s church is within the hearts and souls of His sons and daughters! Since the transition to glory of his mother (our beloved Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles) in 2010, I’ve witnessed my Pastor love in the midst of hurt, stand tall under enormous pain and pursue God purposefully to keep our church family unified and focused on winning souls to Jesus Christ which is our reasonable service and God’s key mandate on our lives as Christians.  I’m so proud to be spiritually covered and developed by such awesome servant leadership!

My Daddy & Daughter Darnaya

 What a blessing to still have my (natural) Daddy here on earth to spend time with as well as to glean love and wisdom from!  I thank God daily for he and my mother being such loving, giving and praying parents which has caused me to be the same way as a parent to my children.  I also thank God for the spiritual and surrogate/self-adopted fathers in my life such as Pastor Joel who continue to pour greatness into my life even as an adult woman. 

In the midst of celebrating fathers on this past Saturday’s BlogTalkRadio Show, I was impacted all over again by the significance of the ultimate – our Heavenly Father – reigning in our lives as His creation.  Without Abba God as the head of our lives and the center of our joy, we can do nothing.  In fact, without Abba God, we’d fail.  My personal celebration of Fathers Day went a great deal higher on Saturday when Abba’s powerful Spirit rested upon our heads and hearts as humble hosts of the show.  I was reminded all over again how much Abba loves us, cares for us, covers us, provides for us, and exercises His free-will grace to use us for His absolute glory. 

Gospel Recording Artist, Sonny Rivera

Gospel Recording Artist, Sonny Rivera

As special guest on “The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak” BlogTalkRadio Show, Gospel Recording Artist and Worship Leader, Sonny Rivera, poured out from the heart of Abba into us a transformational Message to men from Genesis Chapters 16-17.  Additionally, my fellow BTR Host, Min. Darren A. Davis, complimented Bro. Sonny’s Message with God-inspired revelation that just took our show and all who were tuning in to another Holy Ghost level!  My NYC Homeboy and Kingdom Bro. Sonny is an awesome Worship Musician, Leader and Artist; you truly want to purchase his CD entitled “Finally,” that will bless your worshipping soul!  I can’t wait for his new CD to release!  I also encourage you to take a listen to our “Royal Fathers Day Show 2012” for yourselfIn fact, share the link with anyone you know who needs a healing from Abba as son or daughter. Listen on iTunes by searching my name or copy and paste the link below:   

Salvation isn’t about being religious, but more importantly, about being in a personal relationship as child with your Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, salvation isn’t about your name being on any man’s or denomination’s membership roll (although fellowship is important), but soul salvation is all about you being a Son or Daughter of God/Christ.  Therefore, I humbly encourage you to return home (spiritually) to Abba by yielding your life back to Him and accepting Him as Savior.  He is waiting just for you – His special possession. 

The Sons of Christ LogoAbba God is a Father Who will never leave, nor forsake you; He will be with you until the end, through the thick and the thin.  As Bro. Sonny’s soon-to-be-released worship song entitled “Regardless” that we played on the show says, “Regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve done, He – Jesus – loves you!” 

And so do I! Royal Bro. Darren and I thank you so much for lifting our BTR Show to over 8,300+ listens to spread the Love and healing of our Daddy God all over the world! Know that I, along with our entire Royal Society Family of The Sons & Daughters of Christ, are praying for you! Abba is drawing His children back home to Him and we are so honored to be a part of His endtime Evangelistic Movement!!!

Loving You Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. Kingdom Sisters in Tampa, FL, I’m coming to launch The Daughters of Christ Soarority’s newest chapter in your area on June 30, 2012 at the Chase Suite Hotel, 8:30am. You are welcome to join me to witness the induction of our Tampa Royal Soarors as well as to receive an outpouring of DaddyGod’s Love and healing from all of us! E-mail: for more information.

Reflections of My Motherhood Journey

Darnaya and I at her UMD Graduation '08On August 1, 1986, God blessed me to become a mother when my firstborn, Darnaya (who is now 25 years old and a mother of two herself), came into the world in Brooklyn, NY.  My life instantly became greater not only in responsibility, but in blessings.  Darnaya was indeed quite a gift to behold and so she is to me today: She is and has been such a wonderful daughter to me.  For that, I’m truly grateful to God and thankful to her.  She has blessed me to become a “Glam-Mommy” of two beautiful Grand-Princesses – who I’ll focus on tomorrow in my Mother’s Day Weekend Blogging reflections.   Darnaya, Mommy and I at my RU Graduation 2008

Surprisingly 13 years later on March 26, the Lord granted me another priceless gift when my baby boy, DaSean (13 years old) came into the world in the presence of my self-adopted 2nd Mom, Susan, my GodMother Earlene, and DaSean’s GodMother Ronda (his Dad’s Navy ship was in Spain at the time of his birth although we videotaped the memories).  Talk about being ecstatic to have a son – and my excitement has only increased over the years:  DaSean keeps me moving and shaking in activities, like football, that I’d never dreamed I’d learn to enjoy or even understand for that matter (LOL).  Remember, I was adjusted to being a “Girly Mom” attending dance classes and fashion shows (smile).  Now, I’ve become a sports fanatic and I’m loving it!  I thank God that as a single-Mom to DaSean, we are surrounded by an entire village of God-fearing, family-oriented and successful-minded men within our family, church and community who pour into DaSean’s life tremendously.  As a result, he is a fine young man (with “Godly Swag,” as one of my Royal Soaror Sisters recently described him) and is continuously maturing to become a fine gentleman in the future.  He is my present drummer/percussionist and future airpilot and NFL #1 Draft Pick! “Go, DaSean, I’m supporting you all the way!!!”

“Heavenly Father, I thank You for blessing me with two beautiful children to call my own, although I know they, first and foremost, belong to You. Continue to cover them with Your Love, wisdom, strength and guidance so they can continue to be blessed themselves and a blessing to others.”

DaSean recently fitted for his 1st men-sized suit“Darnaya and DaSean, thank you for being the priceless gifts that give me a reason to celebrate and be called to the beautiful role of “MOTHER.”


In His Love Always,

This Heart of Mine!

My Dearest Royal Readers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, but I haven’t ceased sharing Abba’s divine Love and life-changing Messages as a Daughter. Life has been busy, and at times, challenging, but it will never hinder me from Loving God, Loving myself and Loving you.  You and your families have been and will always remain in my heart and prayers.

In September, I began a new (secular) job as well as traveled every weekend for ministry assignments: One of my highlights was serving as the Mistress of Ceremony for my Brother-in-Law’s, Minister-elect Winfred Basnight’s, Initial Sermon held in Moyock, NC where most of my paternal side of my family attended. Congratulations Winfred on becoming another mouthpiece for God in our family!

During the month of October alone, I’ve faced the difficult pain of losing three people who were special and significant parts of my life: My 44-year-old cousin, Rhonda Jones; my very first Pastor and Spiritual Father, Bishop Landon E. Penn (Founder of Universal Temple Church of God, Brooklyn, NY) and the father, Deacon Hoey W. Best, of one of my DsOC Royal Soror Sisters. I literally attended each of their Homegoing Celebration/funerals on three (3) weekends back-to-back in a row. But God! Even in the midst of death, I experienced the Love of God through family, friends and strangers in such a powerful way. My heart was touched, moved and changed forever during these seasons of transition not only for each of my loved ones, but for me too. 

My Sister Robin, Brother Jermaine attending our cousin Rhonda's funeral

This heart of mine is stronger and more passionate for Love and life now than it ever has been before. I’ve realized that my time to reach out and Love, touch or help someone is limited. Therefore, I must make every moment of my blessed, yet humble life count. My daily prayer to Abba God now includes, “Father, pour more of Your Love deeply within me so that more of Your Love can come flowing out to bless the world around me for your glory.”

I share and invite you to add this or a similar request to your personal prayer closet. When we get our Love-walk and hearts aligned with the Source of Love – our Creator God, then the world will truly indeed be a place in which sorrow may still consist, but where the joy of our Lord shall more abound!

Today, I’m counting my blessings of being surrounded by Loving and Loyal family and friends — my priceless gifts from Abba God. I pray you’re able to do the same.

Loving You Always,
Your Sister Darnella

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The New Heart of Sons & Daughters!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

What an exciting week to be a Child & Royal Heir of God through Jesus Christ our Lord! As we celebrate the birth of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, I pray that we will allow Him to open our hearts, minds and souls in a deeper way so that He can fill us up to Royal Capacity with His unfailing Love for not only the blessing of our own lives, but the precious lives of those around us as well.

Hallelujah, Glory to God! I am so FIRED UP as His Daughter and you should be too! The plans that DaddyGod have uniquely set aside just for you in the coming year is simply too awesome to imagine in one’s natural being. You and I both must tap into the spiritual realm–spending quality time soaking in the presence and arms of our Abba God so that we can recognize, hear and obey the speaking of His voice. He is going to give specific instructions and opportunities to His Sons & Daughters and we don’t want to miss any parts of His plans for our divinely-destined lives.

On Saturday’s BTR Show, which was my last for 2010 (The Daughter of Christ Speaks… A 30-Minute Dose of His Love will resume on January 8, 2011), Abba spoke a powerful Word to us as Sons & Daughters! The old “church/mosque or synagogue mentality is void,” and the Sons & Daughters heartfelt mentality is alive. In 2011, He is looking for and raising up a people who will embrace His Fatherhood and operate just like Him as Sons & Daughters. It is no longer enough to go to worship services on Saturday or Sunday, but DaddyGod needs us to be the church everyday of the week!

I ended the show with the beautiful music and song, Spread The Love (This Christmas), by Shei Atkins. Thank you my Royal Sister Shei for allowing me to share your gift of music with my Royal Audience!
Download her song by clicking here:

Enough said, just listen to the Show audio and be blessed:

From DaSean and I to you, we Wish You & Your Family a Very Merry, Merry Christmas! May the Love, Peace & Unity of God Reign throughout your holiday season! We Love You and are Praying for You!

In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella

Single-Parenting with God the Father

Our God is an awesome God; He reins as Lord forever and ever! When everyone and all else fails, our heavenly Father remains faithful to provide for us according to His riches in glory! Hallelujah, hallelujah!

I had to begin this blog posting with a praise break as I think of the recent help God the Father has sent towards my son, DaSean, and I. God proved Himself as ultimate Father to me as a child growing up in a single-parent home and continues to do so for me as a single-mother today. My mother couldn’t have made it without God raising four children singlehandedly; we as parents—whether married or single—continue to need Him now as our total source and resource.  He is the ultimate Co-Parent that we need to help us through the journey of parenting the beloved children whom He has blessed us with.

Yesterday, I woke up facing a financial shortage to meet the needs of DaSean’s extracurricular activities, but by the end of the day, God had provided everything I prayed and believed Him for. While at his first official football practice of the season on last evening, I lovingly watched he and his teammates practice as well as admired how DaSean himself gave his all to football. I also experienced sadness that his father was not present to witness or support one of the most exciting days of our son’s life—his first day of pursuing the sport of football. Looking around and seeing all the proud Dads was bittersweet for me as a single-mother: On the one hand, I was happy for the boys who were blessed with a father’s active presence in their lives and homes, while on the other, I was sad for mine who wished his dad was there for him on his special day.  It may be easier for one parent to accept the absence of another due to no choice or circumstance of their own such as death, but it’s hard to understand how a parent can willingly disconnect themselves from their own child.

Non-custodial and absentee parents who are guilty of this unfortunate crime, I pray that you will yield to and allow God to heal, touch and move in your life in such a way that you’ll be moved into active participation in the lives of your own child(ren) given to you by Him.
          ~ The Daughter of Christ

As I often do when I’m feeling low or frustrated, I called my Mom during my lunch hour, who could not only relate to my experience as a single-mother, but also to my hurt and pain as a woman. Thank God for great, dedicated and God-fearing Moms! Mommy immediately encouraged me to stand tall, trust God, and know that He is working it all out for DaSean’s greater good. He, DaSean’s ultimate Father, would not fail nor leave or forsake him. Mommy prayed with me (I thank God for a praying mother) and I instantly began to feel better.

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going.  
          ~ 2 Corinthians 4:8-10

Later that evening upon our return from football practice, I received a Twitter message from Judge Glenda G. Hatchett extending an open invitation to join her via teleconference to discuss the topic of single-parenting. I’d just connected with her a few days prior through Twitter direct message congratulating her on such an awesome interview and her newly-founded organization, Parent Power Now, after viewing her on CNN. I had no plans of ever communicating with Judge Hatchett again, nor had any expectations of her responding to me, but she did so immediately. I was absolutely stunned by her graciousness especially since she probably hadn’t even left the Atlanta CNN studios yet. What display of love, humility and connectedness! A true reflection of our heavenly Father.

I was honored and excited about the opportunity to join her teleconference, but I was also exhausted and emotionally drained from the day’s events. The Holy Spirit immediately spoke to my “no,” and instructed me to say “yes,” to Judge Hatchett’s invitation. I had five minutes before the teleconference began and several tasks to complete before bedtime, but I obeyed God and called in. At the end of the teleconference, I was so glad that I did! Hearing Judge Hatchett’s love, wisdom, inspiration, and candid transparency as a fellow single-parent (which I had no idea she was one) spoken to myself and others was a healing balm in Gilead that responded to my exact need at that exact moment as a single-mother. I cried during the teleconference and thereafter realizing that God had, yet again, supplied all my need (even emotionally) according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Surprisingly, through a source where I least expected it—one of my prominently successful Kingdom Sisters who I’d never imagined connecting or communicating with in life.  Iron truly sharpens iron.

For the troubles we see will soon be over, but the joys to come will last forever.
~ 2nd Corinthians 4:18

Part of my vision for The Daughters of Christ, Inc. (Sorority) is to minister to the needs of single-parents and their children. Upon Judge Hatchett’s Twitter invitation to join her movement to uplift the lives of parents through her organization Parent Power Now, I realized that God was connecting the dots of His Kingdom Children and bringing us together to fulfill His service initiatives in the world one community at a time. God has given His Daughter, Judge Hatchett, the mantle, the vision, and the ability to address the needs of parenting issues. This responds to The Daughters of Christ Sorority’s vision to do the same: Our organization can and will collaborate with our Kingdom Sister Judge Hatchett’s vision to provide the parenting support and dialogue that we as mothers and fathers so desperately need, yet often lack. Therefore, I’m humbly asking the Kingdom Sisters & Royal Sorors within the sphere of my influence (who are parents) to join the Parent Power Now movement by building a profile at as I’ve done. Also, please join my Group, The Daughters of Christ Sorority, within her website.

My fellow single-parents, be encouraged and know that God is available 24 hours a day to meet you and your children’s needs. All you have to do is give Him the lead to do so by making Him Lord of your life. He is the best Co-Parent that you could ever hope to have and the most Loving Father any child could ever dream of. He is our Father, our Daddy, our Lord. He is mine—and He is your’s. Allow Him take the wheel of your life’s journey to drive you and your children towards victory in every area of your lives.

I’m praying for you and trust that you too, are praying for me. Your heavenly Daddy loves you and your babies and so do I!

Purposefully Yours, Your Sister Darnella
The Daughter of Christ

Radio Show: Loving Family Back Together Again”

Evangelist DarnellaToday’s radio show ministered to the hearts of family members individually, as well as the family unit corporately. God has a master plan and design for your family that the enemy does not want to materialize. Hence, is the reason for some of the warfare, division, arguments, and wounds that have surfaced amongst family members (mothers against daughters, nieces against aunts, uncles against brothers, etc.). And although the Word of God speaks of family division in the end times, He also speaks of healing, wholeness and togetherness as the answer.

Love is the key ingredient to forgivess. It is the power to forgive and extend grace to one another that will begin the healing process for you and your family.

The main Scriptures on todays show for your reading/studying pleasure: Ecclesiates 4:9-12, Luke 17:1-4, Matthew 18:21, Proverbs 10:12, Philippians 3:13, Psalm 119:157-160, 1Peter 2:21-23, 1Samual 12:23, Matthew 5:44 and Romans 12:19-21).

Be blessed by this audio and please e-mail me your comments at Click “Favorite” if this BTR show is blessing you and keep me upifted as I share His Love unconditionally.

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