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Darnella's Personal Moment with Abba at FW2012 Welcome Reception

Darnella Moore

When was the last time you had a good ‘ole wailing, sobbing or cleansing cry whether in pain or in praise? The type of cry that David was referring to in Psalm 6:6 when he said, “I am worn out from sobbing.  All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears.”  The tears can flow so violently as a result of pain inflicted from life and/or so overwhelmingly in the midst of praise showered from the spirit of God.  In fact, there are times when these two abundant tears will flow simultaneously draining every ounce of bodily and emotional strength you have and leaving you with only one recourse:  To weakly lay down to soak in the loving, comforting, and faithful arms of a Heavenly Father who knows just how to mend and revive a broken heart to raise you up stronger than you’ve ever been before!

My friends scorn me, but I cry out my tears to God
~ Job 16:20

I call these types of tearful moments in my life as His child, my “cleansing tears.”  Through hurt or disappointment from mankind or through praise and thanksgiving to God for just how great He has been to me in spite of my imperfect self, I cry.  I cry while knowing that my DaddyGod is keeping track of my sorrows and collecting my tears in His bottle (see Psalm 56:8).  I cry with blinded eyes from the tears while begging my DaddyGod for His unfailing help and gracious mercy (see Psalm 88:9).  I cry until I’m simply drenched with painful/praiseful tears and totally worn out from sobbing and weeping like David described in Psalm 6:6.  But (how many of you know there is always a “but” when a response has to come from what our DaddyGod has spoken concerning your life or a situation as opposed to the opinion of man) according to Isaiah 25:8,

The Sovereign LORD will wipe away all tears.
He will remove forever all insults and mockery
against his land and people.  The LORD has spoken!

My Royal Sibling, can you join me with a shout of Hallelujah!

As many of you know who read my blogs or have walked this journey of ministry along with me since 2002, I’m very transparent with respect to my personal testimony with the hopes that it will help or empower others.  Well just last evening, I exercised my cleansing tears which resulted in my blogging about this subject today.  I woke up this morning with red and swollen eyes as a result of tears from painful words spoken to me by others on Sunday evening as well as of praise from prophetic Words spoken to me earlier by God through a Senior Pastor during worship service on that same Sunday morning.  Isn’t it just like satan to attempt to rob, steal, kill and destroy God’s Words from your heart with his lies?  But I thank my DaddyGod for speaking His confirming Message to me first to counteract the one He knew would hit me later in the day from the father of lies.  It’s Palm Sunday evening – I’m sitting in my bedroom basking in the presence of God and rejoicing, the telephone rings and I suddenly find myself once again, in life and ministry, going through the motion of cleansing tears that I now realize was powerfully renewing me this “Holy Week.”

DaddyGod, I your weeping Daughter Darnella
continue to thank and yet still praise You
in the midst of, in spite of, and as a result of my tears!

My Royal Siblings always remember, our shed tears, whether through pain or praise, have done you and I a greater good:  Along with the washing of the Word spoken personally to us while lying in the wailing presence of our Lord, those same shed tears have actually cleansed us from sin and all of its accompaniments.  Moreover, these tears have also refreshed our hearts and souls in preparation for the next phase of our journey towards divine destiny.  You see, it’s okay to cry (my Royal Kingdom Brothers this goes for you too) sometimes.  It’s great to wipe the tears and get right back up every time!

Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.
~ Psalm 126:5

Don’t hold back my Royal Siblings, if you need to have a good ‘ole cry, enter your private room or prayer closet and immediately start shedding those healing cleansing tears.  While doing so, keep in mind the season in which you’re crying:  It’s now springtime for your prophetic purpose and promises from your faithful DaddyGod to suddenly and vibrantly bloom for your benefit as Royal Son or Daughter, the world’s blessing, and above all, His – our King of kings and Lord of lord’s — glory!

Tears of joy will stream down their faces,  and I will lead them home with great care.  They will walk beside quiet streams  and on smooth paths where they will not stumble. For I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is my oldest child.
~ Jeremiah 31:9

Loving Abba & You Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister Darnella

P.S. Keep me in your prayers as I prepare to accept Abba’s call (by the way, He released me to two years ago, but I knew there was spiritual work in me that still needed to be done) to the Kingdom Office of Prophetess on April 27, 2013.  If I’ve spoken a prophetic Word to you by God and it has manifested, I would love to hear your testimony via audio, video or e-mail at

P.P.S. Join me at my upcoming annual gathering of Sons & Daughters of Christ on April 26-28, 2013 at The Westin Tysons of Northern VA. Click here for registration information or banquet ticket purchasing.


Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits:

– Psalms 103:1-2

Evang. Darnella MooreGrowing up as a little “church girl,” one of my absolutely favorite congregational songs we’d sing during service was inspired by Psalms 103:1-2: “I will bless the Lord all my soul and all that is within me, I’ll bless His holy name!”  Hallelujah, glory to God – I can feel His powerful anointing as I type and sing this praise song to myself right now.  The Holy Spirit led me to read Psalms 103 this morning; beyond verse 1 of this Scripture that I’ve always tended to focus on the most, it was verse 2 that really stood out and ministered to me so powerfully today:  “And forget not all His benefits…

The presence of DaddyGod consumed me and He, as Father, spoke directly to me saying:  “My Daughter Darnella, I want to remind you today to grab ahold of, believe Me for, and wholeheartedly accept ALL of My benefits available to you.  There are some benefits that you haven’t even tapped into nor have yet to learn of.  There are some secret benefits not written that can only be found in My presence.  You are a child of divine privilege: Learn it, receive it, accept it and walk in it.”  When Abba concluded speaking, all I could say was wow! I began to thank and praise Him for ALL His benefits available to me as His beloved child.  Moreover, I began to immediately endeavor to pursue DaddyGod even more passionately and frequently than I’d ever done, so that I’m able to clearly hear the secrets of His heart loaded with natural, spiritual, emotional, financial, and familial benefits that are transferable to mine.

I believe this Message from DaddyGod was not only for me personally, but for all of us as Sons and Daughters of God, as well.  You and I have bountiful divine benefits at our disposal just waiting to be used that will not only bless our lives and souls, but all those around us as well.  Just because a benefit is made available to us doesn’t mean we’re taking advantage or making use of the benefit.  This is what my Lord was bringing to my attention.  He loves you and I so much, that He doesn’t want us to miss out on anything that He has provided exclusively to His own.

What a mighty God we serve!  I will bless the Lord and forget not ALL (every last one of) His benefits!

Loving Abba & You Always,
Your Royal Sister Darnella

P.S. Mark your calendar now and plan to join me April 26-28, 2013 at the Westin Tysons Corner hotel in the Washington, DC metropolitan area of Northern VA for a loving God-time amongst Kingdom Family where Abba’s presence shall reign supreme.  Something powerful happens when God’s children come together for fellowship with no self-agenda, but only for God’s prophetic plan.  An entire weekend in Abba’s pure presence amongst God-loving Royal Siblings… Selah! Registration information will post soon.

His Divine Wind of Love & Healing – Whew!

Loving Greetings to you my Royal Readers! 

What a mighty God we serve and loving Abba we have! He has been so awesomely great in my life and I know you share the same testimony.  One thing I’ve learned in life is that even in the midst of the storm, the Wind of God’s Divine Love and Healing is always blowing towards our way to shift things for the better in our lives. Hallelujah, glory to God!

Speaking of the “Wind of God,” the Holy Spirit has been birthing a fresh revelation to me about the powerful significance of “His Wind.”  In prayerful preparation for my travels to Tampa, FL at the end of this month to anoint and officially launch The Daughters of Christ, Inc.’s newest SOARorority Chapter there (yes, Tampa here I come and I’m so excited about fellowshipping with my Kingdom Sisters there), the Holy Spirit informed me that immediately when I step off the airplane on the soil of Tampa, His Divine Wind of Love and Healing is going to begin blowing and won’t stop until lives are healed, changed and delivered during my short four (4) day visitation.  I was in awe and my response to God was simply, “Yes Father, use Me as You please for Your glory!”  [Oh my, as I’m typing this blog, the Lord reminded me that part of my spiritual birthing into the ministry as The Daughter of Christ took place in Tampa, FL while attending Prophetess Juanita Bynum’s conference there back in 2002; it’s not by chance that He is returning me with a greater level of His Love and Anointing to the place where I first received His prophetic instructions to me as “Daughter.”  Excuse me audience, but I had to share the revelation He was giving to me while blogging.  I now understand the significance of launching as Founder of The DsOC in Tampa, FL.  Oh my…]

The older I get in age and more mature I become as His Daughter, I find myself willingly and obediently submitting to His authority over my life quicker without hesitation.  Experience has taught me that His ways are always better than my own; when I follow His lead, I’ll never be steered down the wrong path.  I’m a better decision-maker, servant leader and overall person, when I not only invite the Lord to direct me, but also obey those same directions He has given me even if I don’t understand why at the time.

Like me, I encourage you, my Royal Siblings (my personal affectionate term for all of Kingdom Brothers and Sisters as a result of being Abba’s children, whether Jew or Gentile, black or white), to get ready for the Divine Wind of our awesome God to blow your way, to change your life, to heal your hurts, and to refresh your atmosphere!  He is blowing passionately and mightily towards His Sons and Daughters…

… And I am allowing His Divine Wind of Love and Healing to take me to greater heights in all areas of my life for His glory!

I Love you and thank God for you touching my life with your’s.  Keep me uplifted as I fulfill my unique purpose of bringing Abba’s children back home and in loving relationship with Him, themselves and others.  If led by God to do so, consider sowing a love offering to help me take His Divine Wind of Love, Unity and Healing wherever He sends me.  I pray in advance that He will increase your seed sown 100-fold and cause the “Favor of Increase” to abound in your life.

In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella
His Writer Darnella


P.S. Remember to join me every Saturday at Noon EST for “The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak” BlogTalkRadio Show via live streaming or Dialing 1-646-915-9584.  If you miss the show, you can listen to the recording at the website or search my name on iTunes. I found out via Twitter that we have Kingdom Family in London tuning in!!! To God be all the glory! I love you in London!!!

Make It Happen!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

Our lives are truly in the Master’s very capable hands as Sons and Daughters, but our destinies are in our own hands. Abba God has provided us with the necessary resources, naturally and spiritually, including a continual flow of His guidance to lead us, but it is up to us to make things happen in our lives. We must put His love, His Word and His power to work! And when we do, we’ll begin to experience the greatest level of personal satisfaction and achievement in our lives.

Each of us has been given a God-given ordained assignment to fulfill in the earth. What is your’s? If you’re challenged at answering this question, you need to enter into your secret place with God and have a one-on-one talk with Him. He is actually waiting to have this profound conversation with you because He wants to see you accomplish greatness for His glory as well as your benefit. On the other hand, you may know what your unique assignment is, but what are you doing about it? Are you obeying God’s instructions that will guide you to fulfillment or are you sitting idly around waiting for a miracle? Whatever situation you find yourself in with respect to doing what you were born and born-again to do, just get to stepping towards it! Lets make it happen!

My life has not been the same since I got serious about my walk with God as His Daughter and about my God-ordained purpose as His servant. I have so much more joy, peace, and of course, love flowing all around me since I decided to make Jesus and my purpose my choice! Giving God the glory, I’m glad to hear that others are being blessed as a result of my obedience too. I find myself wondering now, “why in the world didn’t I began fulfilling my purpose a long time ago?” I’m having a blast making it happen in the area of heart matters for God, myself and others.

Stand up my Royal Siblings and begin moving towards your destiny. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. You and I only have today and the support of one another to make it happen!

I love and am praying for you and your families!

Always, Your Sister

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Refresh Us Lord!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

This morning I was reminded how important it is to take the time throughout my day to receive a refreshing of God’s love, anointing, strength and power. It is so easy to become hurried and exhausted from the busyness of life that we forget to allow our Creator to sustain us through it all. Being the Type A person that I am, I’m surely guilty of this too often myself. But I thank our Heavenly Father God for stopping me in my “rushing” tracks this morning to hear Him speak, to experience His Love, and to receive His refreshment of strength and power so that I can be the best Daughter I could possibly be to Him and Kingdom Servant to others.

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” ~ Proverbs 11:25

His refreshment of my soul and spirit provides me the blessed ability to then refresh others. This is my personal daily prayer: Father God, how can I love and serve your people more? Teach me how to give out of what little or abundance I have. Teach me how to, first and foremost, God-love much more today than I did on yesterday. I can’t let precious time go by without having touched someone else’s life whether through my writing, speaking or simply daily deeds. And I find, that when I refresh others, Hallelujah, I myself am refreshed anew too!

May you receive a fresh dose of Abba’s love, strength and power today. May you then bless and refresh someone else around you that may need a lift up that our Father God has appointed you to give them.

Always Loving & Praying For You,
Your Sister Darnella

My Mom & I

P.S. I want to thank my beautiful and anointed Mom, Min. Pearl Sharpe, for Hosting my BTR Show for me on last Saturday while I attended DaSean’s basketball game. Mommy shared Scriptures to encourage you in everyday living. Balancing being a single-Mom, Servant Daughter, and so many other roles is so much easier with supportive friends and family around me: I thank God for my entire Village surrounding me!

Tune in this upcoming Saturday at Noon EST and Click here to listen to A 30-Minute Dose of His Love from Mommy:

Radio Show: A 2011 Message to Sons & Daughters

My Dearest Royal Readers:

You and I are our Heavenly Father’s Special Treasures. He wants to bless us with much as well as use us mightily for His glory. It is more critical now than ever before, in the times in which we live, to know without a shadow of a doubt, who we are and whose we are in Him.

Because HE IS, We Are…!!!

Renewing our mindset and hearts to become “Kingdom-minded,” as opposed to world-driven is our top priority for 2011. We are the Sons & Daughters of God Who is raising us up in the beauty of Holiness and the unity of GodLove in order to flow love through us to bless and touch the world for Him.  My Royal Siblings, are you ready?

“The church is in a identity crisis, but our Abba God desires to and is restoring our identity in Him.” ~ Min. Gwen Sutton

In the midst of our spiritual preparation as His Royal Heirs, He, our Creator God, is also restoring our identity in Him. Abba God is pouring out His Love and Spirit in a supernatural way upon a people desiring and working towards living their lives in His purity and liberty. This requires a greater sacrifice of praise, worship and obedience to Him. It also calls for us to dedicate ourselves more consistently to the various practices of spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Torah/Bible study and fasting that promotes of spiritual development and maturity.

This is a new season and our Heavenly Father God is doing a new thing!

“…The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.” ~ Luke 1:35, NLT

On last Saturday’s radio show–my 1st for the New Year–I had my Big Sister in ministry, Min. Gwen Sutton, Founder of Higher Ground Ministries, to join me to release what Abba God is saying to us prophetically as Sons & Daughters for this season. And Wow–did He release!

Here is a very small portion of the “Meat of His Word” that was served to us…

Fourteen Questions God asked Min. Gwen personally in prayer recently, yet He is asking us corporately as Sons & Daughters in this season:
1. Are you ready to blaze the trail?
2. Are you ready to go full speed?
3. Are you ready to run the race that has been set before you?
4. Are you ready to surrender all?
5. Are you ready to run with complete confidence knowing that you have all you need in me?
6. Are you ready to lift up and to encourage all who comes to you?
7. Are you ready to provoke them to behold Me for Who I am?
8. Are you ready to count the cost?
9. Are you ready to go if no one else goes with you?
10. Are you ready to be despised for the sake of the Kingdom?
11. Are you ready to be zealous when everyone else is only luke warm?
12. Are you ready to be rejected by those you know well?
13. Are you ready to lift me up when no one else is ready to do it?
14. Are you ready to suffer for the sake of the cross?

I sincerely went into total worship in the midst of the radio show upon the reading of God’s inquiries to us. All I could do was cry out to God, “Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord! I say Yes to Your will and Your way right now as Daughter!”

This is definitely a message you need and would want to hear over and over again!!! I plan to make it my “Feature BTR” Show as there was so much “meat” of God’s Word flowing through my Big Sister Gwen! God used her mightily and I praise Him! She has been such a huge blessing in my life and I know that God’s Message spoken through her humble, yet anointed, vessel will be a blessing to your’s.

Listen to this awesome BTR Show for yourself:

Join me this upcoming Saturday at Noon EST for my BTR Show featuring our Royal Brother, God’s Elect, who was one day behind prison walls, but set free on another to now be used in the ministry of music for Abba’s glory! Wow!!! Set the captives appointed as Sons & Daughters free like Paul, Lord!!! You don’t want to miss it.

I Love you abundantly, am praying for you fervently and expecting our God to move on your behalf mightily in the Name of Jesus!

Loving Abba & You,
Your Sister Darnella

The New Heart of Sons & Daughters!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

What an exciting week to be a Child & Royal Heir of God through Jesus Christ our Lord! As we celebrate the birth of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, I pray that we will allow Him to open our hearts, minds and souls in a deeper way so that He can fill us up to Royal Capacity with His unfailing Love for not only the blessing of our own lives, but the precious lives of those around us as well.

Hallelujah, Glory to God! I am so FIRED UP as His Daughter and you should be too! The plans that DaddyGod have uniquely set aside just for you in the coming year is simply too awesome to imagine in one’s natural being. You and I both must tap into the spiritual realm–spending quality time soaking in the presence and arms of our Abba God so that we can recognize, hear and obey the speaking of His voice. He is going to give specific instructions and opportunities to His Sons & Daughters and we don’t want to miss any parts of His plans for our divinely-destined lives.

On Saturday’s BTR Show, which was my last for 2010 (The Daughter of Christ Speaks… A 30-Minute Dose of His Love will resume on January 8, 2011), Abba spoke a powerful Word to us as Sons & Daughters! The old “church/mosque or synagogue mentality is void,” and the Sons & Daughters heartfelt mentality is alive. In 2011, He is looking for and raising up a people who will embrace His Fatherhood and operate just like Him as Sons & Daughters. It is no longer enough to go to worship services on Saturday or Sunday, but DaddyGod needs us to be the church everyday of the week!

I ended the show with the beautiful music and song, Spread The Love (This Christmas), by Shei Atkins. Thank you my Royal Sister Shei for allowing me to share your gift of music with my Royal Audience!
Download her song by clicking here:

Enough said, just listen to the Show audio and be blessed:

From DaSean and I to you, we Wish You & Your Family a Very Merry, Merry Christmas! May the Love, Peace & Unity of God Reign throughout your holiday season! We Love You and are Praying for You!

In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella

Weeping May Endure For A Night…

A couple of weeks ago, one of my (blood) sisters were visiting our home in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate her birthday when she called me with the most horrific news that instaneously turned her trip from being a joyous occasion to a saddened one: A friend of mine had lost his 25-year-old son to gun violence leaving a 2-year-old daughter behind and one on the way in a few months. I was absolutely devasted!

I felt the pain of not only my friend (that I haven’t seen since moving away from home after college), but as a parent with two children of my own. How was my friend getting through this devastating loss of a child? At that moment, I just simply could not imagine. It made me love and appreciate all over again the two children that God has temporarily loaned to me. On the contrary, it also made me hate and abhor the gun violence our world is experiencing especially amongst the (my) African-American community’s males. As I spoke to my sister over the telephone, I was thinking, yet another family and community grieving the loss of a son gone too soon; yet another mother’s, father’s, sister’s, brother’s heart broken into pieces. My question still lingers… Why? Will somebody please tell me why?

My family and I have personally endured the grief of loosing young loved ones to gun violence. Sadly, there are few African-American families whom have not been touched (or at least know someone in their midst who have been touched) by this cruel social ill. I’ll never forget viewing my young cousins’ lifeless bodies (three to be exact–two of which were brothers killed a few years apart) in a still casket and thinking, “we were supposed to grow old together.” Anytime I hear of death by gun violence, it resurfaces my own personal painful experience all over again causing me to do what I did back then: Run into the arms of my Jesus and lay my grieving weights completely on Him!

Thank God for His Word that I read and embraced as if my life depended upon it during every grieving season: Weeping may endure for a night, BUT JOY cometh in the morning! Jeremiah 31:13 provides a promise from our heavenly Father, I will turn their mourning into joy. I thanked God for all of my friends who surrounded themselves around my family and I during our experiences of grief from death which provided us much strength. But nobody’s words (as nice as they were) could provide me the healing comfort and strength that God’s Word was able to. Through grief, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus and depend on Him more than I had before.

My thoughts are now particularly towards the mother who is now faced to raise children as single-mother without their dad. As a single mother myself, I understand clearly the challenging road that lies ahead for her. But praise God that as a Daughter of the ultimate Father, I also know without a shadow of a doubt, that by allowing her God to carry, lead and guide her, she will mother victoriously and her daughters will rise up through life successfully.

This incident has emblazened my heartfelt passion for the community service initiative that I’ve envisioned to launch, my Father Lift Her program through The Daughters of Christ, Inc., that will serve and support single mothers and her children.  It also brought back to my remembrance the police officer who was killed in a car accident in Montgomery County MD this year leaving a widow, a child and expectant triplets on the way. When I read this story, my heart broke, but I allowed it to move me into action to help this new single mom once my program is up and running as well. There are so many single mothers who need the love of a judgeless community and the compassion of a service-oriented one as well. I personally am moved into action to serve, to heal, and to love. Will you join me?

If you have recently suffered a loss and/or are experiencing grief at this time, look up, see God and allow Him to reach for you to carry and comfort you in His loving arms. Psalm 31 is my favorite to read at a time like this. I pray that you’ll find it comforting as well. You will continue to have your moments of crying or shouts of anger–that is human and a normal reaction to loss. But I also know from personal experience, that although you will never forget your loved one, you will rise to live, to love, and to leap again towards your unique purpose in life that brings you joy.

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. The Lord gives his people strength. He is a safe fortress for this anointed king. Save your people! Bless Israel, your special possession. Lead them like a shepherd, and carry them in your arms forever. (Psalm 28:7-9)

I dedicate this blog posting to the entire Maxey family–stand strong and see the salvation of our Lord!

I Love you my Royal Family and am praying diligently for you and your’s.

Always, Your Sister Darnella
The Daughter of Christ 

Radio Show: “Loving Your Haters”

Wow–what a powerful Word from God on how we as Sons & Daughters of Christ are to handle or treat our enemies. We don’t retaliate with war, but refresh them with His permanent and unconditional love. Listen and be blessed; the audio also includes “After Show Discussion” between myself and one of my Spiritual Mothers in Zion, Elder Hazel Makle (Founder of Mothers in Zion Ministries), who shared great insight on the need for us to perfect His Love Walk in our lives. Please post your comments, as well as “favorite” my Blog Talk Radio Show.

Listen to internet radio with Daughter of Christ on Blog Talk Radio

Homeless, But Not Helpless

In my immature and younger days, I used to pray for predominantly materials things such as more money, a big house, a fancy car, a tall, dark and handsome man to call my own, and the insignificant list goes on and on and on and on. Society insinuates these things are the way to love and happiness. Or better yet, these items could position me to the “successful” social status. But one day after having had a very personal and real encounter with God which caused me to totally yield myself to Him, as well as to eagerly give myself away to others, I realized immediately that the only route to genuine love and true happiness was in the God Who created me. Now don’t get me wrong, all those aforementioned temporary items are nice and okay to have, but they are not my all and all. He, my heavenly Father, Lord and Savior is!

This past Sunday, I was so honored and blessed to have been invited as Guest Speaker at a breakfast serving to the homeless at the First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Washington, DC (thank you my Royal Family at this part of Zion for extending me such a warm and welcoming invitation). I was tremendously humbled and abundantly blessed. Since walking in ministry as His Evangelist since 2002, this was by far the most gratifying and life-changing Kingdom assignment that I’ve ever fulfilled. Breaking bread (both naturally and spiritually) with brothers and sisters who were temporarily experiencing probably the lowest points ever in their lives made me realize not only how truly blessed I am, but how good and compassionate our Father God is. In fact, it was the exact opposite of the speaking engagement I’d fulfilled just a day before–a women’s fellowship and pool party at a beautiful home on five acres of land with luxurious landscaping. Yes, the power of God moved at this assignment tremendously as well: Women received their healing as well as spiritually birthed out their passionate purposes to leave this beautiful home changed forever (myself included).

As the Holy Spirit spoke a Word of exhortation and encouragement through me to the homeless, there was not one disengaging eye or non-praiser in the house of the Lord: Everyone was praising and worshipping God along with me in the midst of their storms. I candidly shared and summed up my personal testimony by letting them know that I too had experienced having much as well as loosing everything. I stated to them, “your value isn’t determined by your current temporary circumstances, but by your position in the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ the Lord. Trusting, believing and depending on Him can take you from the pit to the palace. You are not here to stay, but are simply passing through to gain a testimony that will bring God glory in the earth.” The anointing of God the Holy Spirit filled the room and all of us began praising God in spite of our reason for being there. I’ve unfortunately seen people with much refuse to praise God in the midst of service, but I was now witnessing those with nothing doing so. I was in complete awe! The miraculous healing virtue and saving grace of Jesus Christ reigned in the room amongst God’s people–black and white, rich and poor.

After speaking, as I normally do with Godly Love being my specialization, I traveled throughout the room embracing those who allowed me to do so. As I hugged each one, I could feel their burdens being lifted and their hearts filling with joy for the first in a long time. Tears were streaming down my face as God’s love flowing through me to them, and reciprocally, from them to me was doing so like a mighty rushing wind. To walk in the love and compassion of my Savior was at the moment the greatest gift I’d ever received or given. I didn’t want to stop, nor did I want to leave.

I took my seat so emotionally and spiritually filled up, all I could do was pray a prayer of thanksgiving to my God for choosing and using me for this particular and humbling assignment. My honor came from being in their midst, not I being in their’s.

Who can be compared with the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high? He stoops to look down on heaven and on earth. He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets them among princes, even the princes of his own people! (Psalm 113:5-8)

My personal prayer to my Lord is that no matter how high he takes me in this life or how materially blessed I become, keep me a humbled, loving and giving person: May I always remember where I came from and help someone else to reach not merely where I am, but where I’m yet still going.

To all of my brothers and sisters in the world who are currently experiencing hardtimes, pains and disappointments, I say to you, hold on, your help is not on the way, but available to you right now through Jesus Christ who died and rose again just for you and I. Trouble doesn’t last always; everything will be all right!

Thank you First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Washington, DC (particularly Elder Rufus Simpkins) and Shekinah Glory Prayer Circle (Founder, Sharon D. Owens) for blessing me with the greatest and most rewarding speaking engagement or Kingdom assignment I’ve ever done.

Thank you heavenly Father for using me to fulfill it. Continue to wash and purify me so that I can be used by You Lord even the more not for fame or fortune, but for Your glory! As my Senior Pastor & Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles, often quotes and reminds her children at Jericho City of Praise, I am performing for an audience of one–my God–the One in Whom I trust, lean and depend on at all times!

In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella