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Darnella's Personal Moment with Abba at FW2012 Welcome Reception

Evang. Darnella Moore

Because He Is, I AM… The Daughter of Christ,

Prophetess Darnella Moore launched her ministry in 2002 evangelizing unconditional God-love and healing through His gifts of writing, speaking and servant leadership.  Her spiritual impartation reflects the five-fold ministry.  Consequentially, she flows in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry anointing under which she was raised since age five beginning at her 1st home church Universal Temple Church of God (Brooklyn, NY) under the pastoral leadership of the late Bishop Landon E. Penn.  Bishop Penn began developing the evangelistic/prophetic anointing Darnella was born with early by assigning her to lead Sunday morning prayer from his pulpit as young as age seven (at a time when women weren’t even allow to preach or pray in most denominational churches) as well as assigned her as Director and lead singer of the “Little Miracles” youth choir of UTCOG. Darnella would powerfully and prophetically pray the UTCOG congregation to spiritual breakthroughs!  In fact, Darnella spoke her very first prophecy of healing to her own self as a child and God divinely healed her from grand mal epilepsy seizes at age 14 that she’d suffered from since age 2.  Upon her relocation to the Washington, DC area after college in 1986, Darnella’s prophetic, healing and deliverance training continued as sat under the supernatural/miraculous deliverance ministry of Apostle Ralph E. Green of Free Gospel Deliverance Temple (1986-1998, Coral Hills, MD) who would lay his anointed hands on the sick and they immediately recover! 

In 2008, Prophetess Darnella earned her Bachelor degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from the premier Christian college, Regent University, and holds multiple Certificates of Completion earned with honors in various theology courses earned at Jericho Christian Training College (1999-2005, Landover, MD) under the powerful leadership of her late Pastor/Apostle Dr. Betty P. Peebles of [Jericho] City of Praise. Upon her arrival to Jericho, Darnella was wounded by church folks and broken by personal mistakes.  Her first Sunday attending, Apostle Betty preached a sermon entitled, “Coming Out of Egypt,” and Darnella immediately knew in her heart that she was “home” as her next Pastor/Spiritual Mother had spoken spiritual life back into her heart, spirit and purpose.  God instructed Darnella to just sit at her Apostle Mom’s feet for a year without doing anything by the way of serving in the church (as she’d done all of her life) to learn from the powerful teachings of one of the Kingdom’s most renowed Biblical scholars and teachers.  Darnella obediently did, and after a year, birthed out as The Daughter of Christ and has been evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as such ever since.

As documented in her personal journal, God Himself anointed, appointed and called Darnella “Prophetess” over 11 years ago on May 21, 2002.  Surrounded and affirmatively pronounced by her parents, Elder Horace L. Owens and Minister Pearl G. Sharpe, she was officially anointed and affirmed from Evangelist to the Kingdom Office of the Prophet at The Sons & Daughters of Christ Founders Weekend 2013 Luncheon held at The Westin Tysons Corner on Saturday, April 27, 2013, by Pastor Gwen Sutton in affiliation with Christian International Apostle Network (“CI”) under the global apostolic/prophetic leadership of Dr. Bill Hamon (Founder). 

Prophetess Darnella was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, yet presently resides in Northern VA.  She is the Mother of two children, Darnaya and DaSean, and the Grandmother of two.  Both her parents are ordained Ministers of the Gospel.  In fulfillment of God’s vision for her life to develop, inspire and empower Sons and Daughters of God within the earth, she is the Founder of The Sons of Christ, Inc. and The Daughters of Christ, Inc. (a non-secular Christian Fraternity and SOARority) both headquartered in Fairfax, VA with various chapters launched and continually launching throughout the United States.  Darnella inspires people weekly as Host of The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show which began airing June 12, 2010 is also a thriving iTunes Podcast with over 50,000 listens; she also hosts her Empowering Teleconferences with The Daughter of Christ on Monday evenings.  She is the Author of Our Daily Confessions of Divine Love and an avid Christian blogger on the topic of relational love with Abba God, oneself and others.   


“I thank my DaddyGod for surrounding me with seasoned Saints
in life as well as ministry who are Spiritually Wealthy, Emotionally Healthy and Prophetically Sharp who help to keep my atmosphere clear for
and my character reflective of the King of all kings and Lord of all lords!”

Prophetess Darnella Moore

Both Her Father & Mother Are Ordained Ministers

(Father) Elder Horace L. OwensChurch of God In Christ Denomination; Board Member & National Father of The Sons of Christ, Inc.

(Mother) Minister Pearl G. SharpeDisciples of Christ Denomination; Board Member & National Mother of The Daughters of Christ, Inc.

From Birth ~ through Childhood ~ In Adulthood

Pastor Gwen Sutton, Frontline Assemblies Church, Upper Marlboro, MD. Minister Ordination/License under and Affiliation with Christian International Apostolic Network (a/k/a “CI“), Founder Dr. Bill Hamon (www.christianinternational.com).  She travels worldwide ministering, and as importantly, executing the prophetic and apostolic movement of God.  Pastor Gwen is Darnella’s “big sister in the ministry,” and also serves God through The Daughters of Christ, Inc. in the capacity of Board Member and National Chaplain.

Pastors Joel R. & Ylawnda Peebles, Sr., City of Praise Ministries of MD (www.cityofpraisechurch.com) who are continuing the Apostolic Legacy of Love & Integrity that their parents Bishop James R. Sr. & Apostle Dr. Betty P. Peebles began decades ago! The late Apostle Dr. Betty P. Peebles, Jericho City of Praise, Landover, MD: Spiritual DNA: Biblical and sound doctrine in the teaching of His Word and evangelistic training (from 31 years until present).

Apostle Dr. Ralph E. & Senior Pastor, Dr. Shirley M. Green, Free Gospel Deliverance Temple, Capitol Heights, MD; my first church home in the Washington, DC area after relocating from my home of New York City: Spiritual DNA: Healing, deliverance, prophetic and apostolic training (from 21-31 years old).

The late Bishop Landon E. & Lady Marie Penn, The Universal Temple Church of God, Brooklyn, NY. This is where I gave my life to Jesus Christ, received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as well as my divine healing from grand mall epilepsy seizures and eczema that covered my entire body. Bishop Penn called me his “Little Evangelist” then and would honorably often grant me the privilege of leading the Sunday Morning Worship Prayer in our services.  Spiritual DNA: Healing, deliverance, prophetic and evangelistic training (from birth through 21 years old).


Pastor Ray Charles & First Lady Marion Bagley, Faith Ministry Outreach Church, Suffolk, VA. (Hampton Roads VA Spiritual Parents covering The Sons & Daughters of Christ, Inc. organizations)

Prophetess Jeannie Hall, New Jersey who has mentored and counseled Darnella in the ministry for over a decade and was one of the Kingdom Ministry Gifts who anointed and affirmed as Evangelist & The Daughter of Christ when I launched in ministry in 2002.  My personal life journal includes numerous prophecies spoken to me by God through Prophetess Hall concerning the destiny of my life in general as well as in ministry, many of which has manifested in the natural – one being my call to the Kingdom Office of Prophetess.

Bishop & First Lady Anthony C. & Pat Lawson Muse, Ark of Safety Christian Church, Upper Marlboro, MD (The Muses were the first local Pastors in the Washington, DC area to extend a conference speaker engagement to Darnella after beginning her ministry as The Daughter of Christ, and therefore, hold a special place in her heart and ministry).

Her GodMother, Minister Earlene Harris Ford, who serves God through The Daughters of Christ, Inc. in the capacity of Board Member and National Director of Healing. GodMom Earlene has decades of training in the area of healing and deliverance through the pastoral leadership of her Spiritual Father Bishop T.L. Lowery, Founder of National Church of God in Fort Washington, MD), as well as through long-standing ministry partnerships with spiritual giants in the Kingdom of God to include Pastors Kenneth & Gloria Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Pastor Benny Hinn, of Benny Hinn Ministries, Dr. Nasir Siddiki of Wisdom Ministries.

2 responses to “Her Bio

  1. My niece, Janice Payne, a member of Free Gospel sent me your Blog/Website.

    God has already showered you with Blessings and Favor. He has given you gifts abundantly. Walk in Him continually. Never forget His Love. Never forget his Grace and ALWAYS THANK HIM FOR HIS MERCY…and He will take you far and enlarge your territory. And for that, we give Him Praise.

    • My Kingdom Sister Rhonda, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. My heart’s desire is to forever walk in and shower His love upon His people. It is the love of people, like you, that keeps me focused on His purpose for my life. Continue to keep me uplifted in your prayers as I shall do the same for you. If you should ever need me, don’t hesitate to contact me. Keep in touch! In His Love Always, Your Sister Darnella

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