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My Home Church (The City of Praise)

My Dearest Royal Readers:

As many of you know or have read/seen in the media, my church home, The (Jericho) City of Praise has been in a court battle ever since our beloved Founder & Senior Pastor, Apostle Dr. Betty P. Peebles, transitioned to glory. In light of a blog article published on Wednesday (12/7/11), I felt the need to share with you, my audience, my comment to the article as one of the members who proudly remain under the excellent spiritual leadership of Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr. 

My Pastor Joel R. and First Lady Ylawnda Peebles, Sr.

My BlogTalkRadio Show featuring my Home Church that aired on November 5, 2011

The Church Lady Blogs’ Article: The Church Lady Blogs’ Article: http://thechurchladyblogs.com/2011/12/07/jericho-city-of-praise-update-members-create-tell-all-website-against-church-staff-hostile-takeover/

AT2W 12/10/11 Article:

My Comment to The Church Lady Blogs’ 12/7/11 Article:
Because He Is, I Am… The Daughter of Christ as well as a Spiritual Daughter of the late Apostle Dr. Betty P. Peebles and now her awesome son, Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr. of The (Jericho) City of Praise located in Landover, MD. Words cannot even begin to describe the God-loving, righteous and humble ministry leadership the Peebles family has served my life (and the lives of thousands of others) with over the years/decades. In spite of their rise to mega-church status in ministry, they have always been and remain the most touchable and approachable Pastors I have ever met in the Kingdom of God (and being raised in church as well as active in ministry, I’ve met many). I never felt lost as 1 of 10,000+ because Apostle Mom and Pastor Joel both release so much familial love that you know you are home amongst Spiritual Parents and family when you’re in service.

I often say, good Pastors without self-agendas, pride and arrogance who truly have a heart for God and His people are (sadly) hard to find in these evil last days. Therefore, when we are blessed to find and sit under one, we need to stand still and up (when necessary) with these rare Kingdom treasures. Such is the reason I remain at The City of Praise under the leadership of the Peebles’ servant leadership and legacy, because like his awesome parents, Pastor Joel is indeed one of those Kingdom treasures and Generals on the battlefield for God’s glory as opposed to his own!

Thank you, My Royal Sister The Church Lady, for sharing our (the Sons & Daughters of The City of Praise who support Pastor Joel, his family and our longtime Trustee Board Chairman William Meadows (whom Apostle Mom always referred to as such (“Chairman”) which is how I knew a Board existed at Jericho City of Praise) story with your audience.May our DaddyGod continue to bless you and catapult you in life and ministry!

In His Love, Your Sister Darnella
Founder & CEO of The Daughters of Christ, Inc.
Host of The Daughter of Christ Speaks BlogTalkRadio Show


P.S. Please keep my church home/family in your hearts and prayers. You can visit us online or view our services online at www.cityofpraisechurch.com as well as keep up with the status of our stand for natural justice and spiritual righteousness as a congregation at www.peopleofpraisemd.wordpress.com/

P.P.S. And remember, dial 1-646-915-9584 or stream online to join me and Royal Bro. Darren A. Davis every Saturday at Noon EST on The Daughter of Christ Speaks BlogTalkRadio Show!

His Essence of Fatherhood

My Dearest Royal Readers:

Abundant & Highly Favored New Year 2011 to you and your families! You and I haven’t merely been blessed by Abba to step into a new year, but also a new decade that will manifest a great work for our awesome God here on earth for the next 10 years and beyond. When our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ cracks the sky for you and I, we should  and will be busy doing our individually unique assignments that bring Him glory, the world His Love & Salvation and we ourselves bountiful blessings!

“Come out  from among them. And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you. I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My Sons and Daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”
~ 2 Corinthians 6:18 NKJV

We’ve entered into a season wherein simply attending our churches/synagogues as organizational “members” is not sufficient nor prophetically sound. There has been a Prophetic Shift to Fatherhood in the atmosphere! Meaning, God our Father is rebuilding, perfecting and turning our Hearts towards Him as His Anointed Children; He is now using us to spread His Gospel with Righteous Living through His Love (termed “GodLove“) for all mankind (not just our own color, ethnic, social-class or religious background) empowering us individually to Love one another corporately as Brethren (termed “Royal Siblings“) correctly; and finally, impacting and charging our Pastors/Shepherds/Priests/Rabbis to no longer see, deem, treat or lead us merely as a tithe paying member in their pews, but as Sons & Daughters in their humbled Hearts thereby developing us as such!

When you walk into a place of worship, you should encounter the Love as well as the Fatherhood of our God!

True Fatherhood Shepherds (as I’ve been so honored & blessed to have in my life from childhood to adulthood through Bishop Landon E. Penn (NY), Apostle & Pastor Ralph E. & Dr. Shirley Green (MD), and my (late-whom recently transitioned to glory) Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles (MD) of my present home church Jericho City of Praise) who are living righteously and leading lovingly is exactly what every Son or Daughter of God needs to spearhead his/her spiritual life towards great success! It is my hope this is the type of Shepherd you are presently sitting under as well as my prayer that those of you who are seeking a place of worship will be led to such kind by His Holy Spirit.

As mentioned, my Jericho COP Royal Siblings and I lost the physical presence of our Apostle Mom recently in October 2010. Her passing was emotionally hard for me as I matured spiritually and birthed out naturally as The Daughter of Christ as a result of her powerful Word teaching ministry in 2002. In 2000, I walked into her church for the first time as a “church girl stepping out of bounds” (by the way, this is the title of a book I’m currently writing), broken and bruised. That day, Apostle Mom preached a sermond entitled, “Coming Out of Egypt,” that healed and lifted me up instantaneously causing me to walk in my promise land ever since! God’s Message through her spoke to me personally in the most profound way! I knew immediately she was my new Pastor & Spiritual Mom. The anointing of her Motherhood hit me like a huge as well as life-changing “BOOM!”

I praise God for Apostle Mom passing her anointed and prophetic Mantle upon her Son–our (Jericho’s) Assistant, yet now Senior Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr. & First Lady Ylawnda Peebles. Pastor Joel ministered as Asst. Pastor at Jericho’s 8:00am service (which I rarely attended) and Apostle Mom Shepherded the 11:00am service. Therefore, as a Daughter of Jericho, I hadn’t built a relationship with him as I had with Apostle Mom. I highly respected and was excited about her passing the Mantle of Pastoral Leadership to Pastor Joel, yet had not connected in my heart to him and his wife as my (now) Spiritual Father & Mother. I still felt more towards them as Brother & Sister. Until this New Year Weekend…

…After New Years Eve service (as we were exiting the building to go home and inspite of her exhaustion), First Lady Ylawnda stopped to ask my son DaSean, “What is your GPA-how are your grades in school?,” and took the time to talk/minister to, as well as pray for him as a Spiritual Mother who cared about the success of her child. Then on yesterday-our 1st Sunday worship service of 2011-when Pastor Joel anointedly and confidently spoke the next-level Vision of The City of Praise. He ministered and spoke Vision into our lives corporately, yet hit me like a flood uniquely and individually as a Daughter! I screamed and couldn’t stop praising God in the midst of his Sermon that confirmed and birthed so many on the inside of me. Just as Apostle Mom, through the Holy Spirit, spoke into my heart, soul and spirit as Daughter back in 2000, 10 years later, her Son–my Beloved Pastor Joel–had now spoken the next level Sermon into my humbled life that sealed the connection for me to him as a Spiritual Father! Hallelujah, Glory to God!!! I cannot tell you how overwhelmed, grateful and spiritually full I was when I walked out of the doors of my church home–The City of Praise–on yesterday.

I pray and desire the same Fatherhood relational Love for you–into every place of worship, every home, every Son or Daughter of the King of kings & Lord of lords!

Because He Is, We Are
The Sons & Daughters of Christ!

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Again, Happy New Year 2011 to you and may it be an extraordinary Visionary one for you!

Lovingly Yours,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. DaddyGod Loves you and so do I! Rise, Praise & Perform for our God my Royal Siblings!

P.P.S. Join my City of Praise Royal Siblings and I for service every Sunday at 8:00 or 11:00am EST via live streaming at www.cityofpraisechurch.org . If you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I wholeheartedly welcome you to join me in person!


Thank You For Your Love!

My Kingdom Family,

“Praise the name of God forever and ever,  for he has all wisdom and power. He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in darkness, though he is surrounded by light. I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors, for you have given me wisdom and strength.”
~ Daniel 2:20-23

First and foremost, I must say thank you so very much for your love, prayers and support shown towards me, the Peebles Family, and the entire Jericho City of Praise Family during our time of mournful celebration of our Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles, transition from earth to glory. Your inspirational words, uplifting prayers, and tremendous support in various ways made all the difference in the world to me as I know that it did for JCOP corporately as well.

I Love my Pastor & Apostle Mom so much–she ministerially matured me in the Word and wisdom of God as well as birthed me out as The Daughter of Christ. Therefore, her legacy of Love and committed service to the Kingdom of God and the world-at-large will always be a portion of her mantle that God graciously gave to me and I will wear royally. May I share my posting on her Tribute Wall:

When I arrived at Jericho 10 years ago after being in church all of my life, God instructed me to just sit at Apostle Mom’s feet and learn the Word and Wisdom of God from her until He released me to do anything else. I did for a year and a half. Apostle Mom said in a sermon to her Jericho Babies, “It’s time to get out of the pews and do what He has anointed you to do.” I’ve been walking out and demonstrating His Love ever since as “The Daughter of Christ.” Thank you Apostle Mom for a piece of your mantle which I shall handle with Love, grace and humility. In His Love, Your Spiritual Daughter, Evangelist Darnella Moore

Due to previous ministry commitment and international travel to the Bahamas, I was unable to attend Apostle Mom’s services: Deciding whether or not to move forward with travel or remain home was one of the most difficult personal decisions that I’ve ever had to make in life. I prayed and sought God’s direction and found peace when He instructed me to move forward with my travel commitment. Pappa Harvey, my Jewish Spiritual Father, was so timely when he called me upon my arrival at the Miami Airport to encourage and ensure me that I’d made the right decision to keep my commitment and honor Apostle Mom by fulfilling God’s call. (Thank you Pappa–I Love you and Ma Susan so much!) My body was out of the country, but my heart and mind was indeed at home. I was so glad to return home and have the ability to view the services online: http://www.marshallmarchfh.com/obituaries/Betty-Peebles/

As our awesome Jericho Praise Team and Choir so anointedly sung at the Homegoing Celebration held on Oct. 22, 2010 (my favorite song), “I give You (God) all the glory, honor and praise; I worship You my Lord–You are worthy to be praised…” What a privilege and honor for Him to touch and impact my life so significantly through such an awesome Woman of God as Apostle Mom. Even today, I continue to shed tears of sadness about her earthly absence, yet also shed tears of joy for her heavenly presence. Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a priceless gift as Apostle Mom!

Rest in total peace and Love Apostle Mom knowing that you fulfilled your God-ordained Purpose (and more) as well as left your imprinted legacy on this earth that will flourish even greater through we, your Jericho Babies, beginning with me.

I’m stronger today and feeling much better. As you can see, I’m writing again and moving forward, standing tall, as Apostle Mom taught me, as His Love Evangelist & Daughter of Christ. Again, thank you for your Love and may God continue to bless you and your’s!

In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella

 Betty Peebles’s funeral: A show of love for a true apostle

My Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles

It is with great natural sorrow, yet spiritual honor, that I announce the transition from earth to glory of my Pastor & Apostle Mom, Dr. Betty P. Peebles, of the Jericho City of Praise on October 12, 2010.

The Kingdom of God has lost one of it’s most dedicated and anointed Generals who birthed out and raised thousands of spiritual children–one of them being myself. I’d just dedicated my BTR radio show this past Saturday (Oct. 9) to Apostle Mom as led by the Holy Spirit to do so on last Wednesday. Now I realize that God was really preparing me and setting the stage for her glorious transition to Heaven.

Thank you Apostle Mom for teaching me the Word of God and extending to me the Love of God for the past decade. I birthed out as The Daughter of Christ under your leadership and have been walking as such ever since. I will carry on your legacy of Love and Power through Jesus Christ our Lord!

To the Peebles family as well as my Royal Siblings of The Jericho City of Praise, you are in my heart and prayers and I know that God will carry us gently in His very Loving and capable arms during the loss of our Apostle Mom. I Love each of you abundantly!

Rest in the peace and Love of God Apostle Mom. I Love you so very much,

Your Spiritual Daughter,