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Prophetess Darnella Speaking at The Armor of Light Christian Worship Center of Bowie, MD on 10/24/13

Prophetess Darnella Speaking at The Armor of Light Christian Worship Center of Bowie, MD on 10/24/13

Exactly one week ago today (on Oct. 24,2013), I had the honor and privilege to serve our Lord as Guest Speaker at The Armor of Light Christian Worship Center’s (“AOLCWC”) 1st Women’s Gathering in Bowie, MD hosted by Lady Michelle Green under the Pastoral Leadership of Bishop Wayne A. Green.  Physically, I was not feeling well and weak as I’d just endured an emergency root canal the day before, but as soon as I stepped into the House of my Lord, I was strengthened and made whole! Hallelujah, glory to God!  I was blessed to partake of this phenomenal gathering feast for three of the four days it was held.  What a gathering of Kingdom women it was!

AOLCWC Flyer 2013

Prophetess Darnella Moore

Prophetess Darnella Moore

It was a homecoming for me personally as Bishop Wayne & Lady Michelle are the children of my first pastors I was blessed with after relocating from my home of New York City to the Washington, DC area in 1986:  I extend honor and praise to Apostle Ralph E. Green & Pastor Dr. Shirley M. Green of Free Gospel Deliverance Temple in Coral Hills, MD who lovingly fed and covered me as well as my daughter (who was a little girl at the time) as spiritual parents for a decade.  It was a humbling experience to minister amongst “my own” who know my past testimony as well as have witnessed God’s healing and saving grace upon me.

Author Darnaya Darice

Author Darnaya Darice

My daughter, Author Darnaya Darice, released her powerful gift of dance in worship right before I took the podium to speak.  The Holy Spirit spoke through me His Message entitled, “Gathering of the Hearts” in which He dealt lovingly, yet powerfully with matters of our hearts as women and Kingdom sisters.  AOLCWC aired the service live on http://www.ustream.com.tv/aolcwc.  Upon receiving the blessed invitation to speak from Lady Michelle, I immediately began to pray and seek God’s guidance on what my specific assignment was and exactly what He wanted to speak through me at this Gathering.  He answered throughout the summer months right up until my arrival at AOLCWC.  “I’m sending you, my Daughter, to deal with matters of the heart. I shall cause your hearts to be released, rebuilt, restored and refreshed so that you in turn can go out and refresh the world,” said my Lord.  I spoke a comparison of “worldly women vs. Godly Royal Daughters” which was very impactful upon the women.  In fact, many attendees have informed me that their favorite comparison was “worldly women compete against each other; Godly Royal Daughters complete one another.”  I plan to publish a book based on this powerful heartfelt Message.

Dr. Shiral Green, Myself & Lady Michelle Green at AOLCWC's Bruncheon 2013

Dr. Shiral Green, Myself & Lady Michelle Green at AOLCWC’s Bruncheon 2013

AOLWCW’s entire Women’s Gathering was truly one to behold as well as one I’m so grateful to have been present at and a part of.  I’d like to personally thank Bishop Wayne & Lady Michelle Green for the invitation.  I’d like to welcome all of my new Royal Soarors who joined The Daughters of Christ, Inc.’s SOARority as a result of my speaking at the Gathering!

Prophetess Darnella Moore

Prophetess Darnella Moore

My Royal Kingdom Sisters at AOLCWC as well as throughout the world, I Love you and lift you with the power of our DaddyGod to Love one another immediately, unconditionally and completely!

Thank You DaddyGod for using me as You please for Your glory to bless my Royal Kingdom Sisters at AOLCWC!

For speaking engagement bookings, click here.

Keep me uplifted y’all,

In DaddyGod’s Love,
Your Royal Sister Darnella

Saks Fifth Avenue Spring Fashion Show benefiting The Eric Trump Foundation & St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore on May 19, 2013

In representation of The Daughters of Christ Inc.’s support, I had the pleasure of attending the Saks Fifth Avenue Spring Fashion Show benefiting the Eric Trump Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Sunday afternoon. It was my first time visiting the beautiful grounds at Trump National Golf Club of DC located in my Northern Virginia community. The venue was perfectTrumpGolfCourseand the event was spectacular! I had a great time meeting wonderful people, partaking of a delicious three-course lunch meal, and viewing beautiful spring/summer fashions from Saks Fifth Avenue Tysons Galleria replete with men’s and women’s wear of leading designers for a great cause! ETFEvent2013TableSetting

ETF's Table Setting

ETF’s Table Setting

I was so honored to be seated at Table 1 along with some phenomenal ladies: Summer (I Am Modern Magazine), Meghan (Intern, Northern Virginia Magazine), Jean, and Lucy (both avid golfers who offered to help me along my golf learning journey that begins with my beginner’s golf courses at The Golf Club at Lansdowne on June 1).  As it turns out, Jean and I share a mutual friend as well: It’s a small world.  ETFEvent2013SaksSignage

Summer & I

Summer & I

As a writer myself, it was so exciting to see magazine journalism in action as Summer and Meghan attentively took plenty of notes during the fashion show. I’m looking forward to reading their respective write-ups on the event (which I’ll share once they are published).

Meghan & I

Meghan & I

April Yvonne & I

April Yvonne & I

The Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, which was moderated by April Yvonne, Fashion Stylist and Founder of MyDCStyle, awesomely provided us with great fashion looks and styles for the season. All of the Saks representatives who were available to answer our interest or purchasing inquiries on clothing and/or beauty items were very amicable, professional and knowledgeable. The beauty reps even touched up my lips with the coral lip gloss by Sisley Cosmetics – an organic skincare and makeup line. I loved it and looked fabulous with it on (if I must say so myself)! In fact, a representative of Sisley Cosmetics is coming to Saks Tysons Galleria next month and I scheduled my make-over appointment at the event for June 6; Due to my having sensitive skin, I’m looking forward to trying out an organic skincare line.ETFEvent2013MakeupApplication

At the end of the event, all attendees were blessed with two gift bags: One containing a Saks Fifth Avenue Wine Bottle Stopper and the other a delicious cupcake by Cakes By Carolyn, both of which I was truly grateful to receive. ETFEvent2013GiftCupcake

ETFEvent2013GiftBagWineStopperThis benefit event was a huge success; I hope that as a result, St. Jude benefited greatly. I pray for God’s continue healing and strength to the young patients as well as their parents who are being treated at St. Jude.

Way to go Saks Fifth Avenue and Eric Trump Foundation!  ETFEvent2013Poster

May DaddyGod bless you for reading my blog.  Remember, He Loves you and so do I!

Your Royal Kingdom Sister Darnella
Founder of The Daughters of Christ, Inc.

P.S. Now, I’m really “pumped out” about beginning my golf lessons in a couple of weeks. My “baby” brother Jermaine, who is a golfer, has been encouraging me for years to learn the game. Watch out Jermaine – you know how I am once I put my heart, time and talent into something: I go for it with a passion with the intent to succeed. As my latest saying goes with The Daughters of Christ Royal Soarors: I “Be Me, Do Me,” and suggest you “Be You, Do You as DaddyGod designed you! 🙂


I Am Modern Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine


My GrandPrincess Zaivia & I Luncheon Arrival

My GrandPrincess Zaivia & I Luncheon Arrival

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, at my annual gathering of The Sons & Daughters of Christ, I am so honored and humbled to announce that after having been spiritually ordained by God Himself, I’ve been naturally affirmed Prophetess Darnella by The Daughters of Christ, Inc.’s National Chaplain, Pastor Gwen Sutton, of Christian International Network Ministries (aka “CI”) along with my parents, Elder Horace L. Owens and Minister Pearl G. Sharpe.  I’m so blessed to have been handpicked by Abba God to be one of His end time Spokespersons and visionary seers at such a pivotal time as this.   My Mom Praying Over Me

After launching and serving in evangelistic ministry with an apostolic/prophetic anointing as The Daughter of Christ since 2002, DaddyGod instructed/released me in 2010 to walk into His  (not man’s) Office of the Prophet.  It took me two years to accept the call as I knew it was a season yet to come as opposed to the “now” due to the need for more personal and spiritual preparation in my life.  I’ve always been one to wait to hear from DaddyGod with clarity before proceeding forward:  I find that when I do, I and/or my personal or ministry endeavors then always have great success for it is He, not I, in pursuit.  Pastor Gwen Sutton Affirming Me

I want to thank all of my family, natural and spiritual, who joined me for The Sons & Daughters of Christ Founders Weekend 2013, and thereby surrounded me during this momentous event in my life in ministry. There was an abundant outpouring of Abba’s Love, power and blessings during the planning as well as throughout the entire weekend. My DsOC Royal Soarors and SsOC Royal Brothers alike were impacted in a Kingdom-minded way thereby leaving The Westin Tysons Corner hotel as greater inspired and prepared influencers for our Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ before they arrived.  I extend a special thank you to: our National Director of Events, Min. Sharon Burton, along with her dedicated/hardworking planning and audio tech team; our FW13 Speakers Pastor Gwen Sutton and Pastor Paul Dorsey; our financial sponsors or service/entertainment providers to include Tim Stanfill (CEO of www.TestimonyTV.com), Zumba instructor Shelia Smith, Gospel Artists Sonny Rivera who traveled from New York City and D.C.’s own Outreach 24/7 (who both turned our Celebration Banquet out with their musical talent and anointing), Dance Choreographer Darnaya Darice, Jamie Holmes (CEO of To God Be The Glamor Fashions) and all who served to make our event a successful one. From the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul – I thank and appreciate each of you!

A few of my DsOC Royal Soarors & I at FW13 Welcome Reception

A few of my DsOC Royal Soarors & I at FW13 Welcome Reception

The affirmation and celebration is complete: Now it’s time for me to get back in the field to win/bring Abba’s lost creation back home to Him, unify and empower my Royal Kingdom Siblings who already are, and prophetically tell the world in the spirit of God-Love, beauty of holiness, righteousness and Truth (as my late Apostle Mom Dr. Betty P. Peebles would often say) “what hath God said about it?!My Son DaSean & I

Loving Abba & You Always,
Your Kingdom Sister 
Prophetess Darnella

Prophet Marquez Griffin
(Founder of Kingdom Mentorship)

Tanya Blount
(Founder of The I Am Beautiful Corporation)

Min. Darren A. Davis

Follow and Focus on Your Dreams!

Since walking out in ministry as The Daughter of Christ in 2002, I have been following the dreams I’ve had to love on and be a blessing to the world ever since I was a little girl. My parents always termed me “Evangelist,” but I really didn’t understand the meaning of my calling until I became an adult who eventually stopped running from it, but embraced it. I knew my dreams included touching people in the most passionate and edifying way, but wasn’t clear until birthing forth how I would go about doing so. And now, that I know my dreams, am following them, am focused upon them, and making them come true, I am happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been in my entire life! Confidently walking out the journey of your dreams is a challenging, yet very rewarding experience.

On last Friday evening, I was so excited to witness one of my longtime friends, Kenny E. Flanagan, CEO of Kas Collection, Inc., walk out his dream of being a renowned and respected fashion designer. Kenny and I met over 20 years ago at a law firm we were both employed at when I relocated to the Washington, DC area from New York City. It had been a while since I’d seen him and was so excited to attend the launch and fashion show celebrating his House of Kas Boutique at National Harbor. I recall Kenny’s passionate conversations with me about one day being a successful fashion designer; no doubt, he recalls hearing mine about being a speaker and writer. This was the season of conception of our future dreams as co-workers, but more importantly, as God’s children. Kenny E. Flanagan, CEO Kas Collection, Inc.

Kenny is a self-learned Couture and Ready-to-Wear fashion designer whose models stoically, yet elegantly, strolled down the runway at the relaxing waters of the National Harbor of Maryland upon sundown with his stunning designed fashions to include evening wear, business suits, and casual wear for men and women. I was in complete awe not only at the exquisite fashions (as I am a native New Yorker who loves fashion), but at the excellent accomplishments of my Kingdom Brother. Through hard or challenging times, hurt and pain, Kenny remained focused on his God-given gift to design and his God’s promise to bless him with good success. His fashion show was orchestrated with excellency, the love of his (Kenny’s) heart was evidentially flowing, and people realized instantaneously that Kenny’s event wasn’t merely a story being told by a young African-American man on that evening, but a dream in his mind being realized in the earth that was witnessed by news, fashion editors, celebrities, everyday citizens, family, friends, and strangers to see.

House of Kas Boutique Fashion Show

Not only was I in awe, but I was in tears of joy throughout the evening. I am so proud of you my Brother and am praying for your good success all the way to the top! You are not only God’s designer’s choice, but now also mine (smile). Visit Kenny at the House of Kas as well as online at www.kascollectioninc.com.

To all of my Royal Siblings reading this blog and hearing the words of our testimonies, I say to you: Our (the Children of the Most High God) time has come…

…Now is the present season of the realization of our long-time dreams as Sons and Daughters, not only for His Son Kenny or His Daughter Darnella, but for you as well my Royal Siblings.

May these two testimonies rekindle the flame of your passionate gift or talent our heavenly Father has placed in you; may they also remind you that no matter the high mountains or low valleys you face or endure to reach the top—you will come out and stand tall in victory in the end simply because of who you are and Whose you are…

… A Gifted Artisan, A Child of the King!

May your dreams come true today, in Jesus’ Name!

Loving You Abundantly,
Your Sister Darnella