Her Vision

Born on purpose for purpose, your Royal Kingdom Sister, Prophetess-Elect Darnella, endeavors to fulfill the following social, organizational, and relational Kingdom assignments as envisioned to her by God, the Holy Spirit, to bring Him all the glory and honor on earth as it is in heaven:

To experience, share, teach and demonstrate true Love in the Person, Power and Passion of God the Father in creation, the Son in Redemption and the Holy Spirit in me (us);

To edify, exhort, inspire and build up Her Royal (Kingdom) Siblings;

To foster a spirit of Unity and Oneness amongst the (saved) Sons and Daughters of God, Jew & Gentile, as well as the (unsaved) world-at-large;

To promote and develop Spiritual Renewal (salvation through and the building of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Who is the Lord) and Spiritual Growth (maturity through study and life application of the Word of God and fellowship with the Brethren);

To promote and develop Relational Renewal of individuals, families, communities, religious, ethnic or other diverse groups and the world-at-large (relationship healing through the Love, Forgiveness and Power of God);

To address the social ills of America’s families and communities through the intentional (1) demonstration of Godly Love, (2) participation of Community Service, (3) unification of all mankind, and (4) activation of Compassionate Evangelism to share the Love and spread the healing message of Jesus Christ;


Her Community Service Focus
Single-Parenting / Fatherless & Motherless Children

Her Community Service Initiatives

Through her own non-profit and faith-based organizations, The Daughter of Christ, Inc. and The Daughters of Christ, Inc., Darnella focuses on mentoring, training, spiritual and leadership development initiatives for girls and women. She serves as host and keynote speaker throughout the Washington, DC area and beyond at community- and faith-based conferences and seminars that serve to uplift the social, spiritual, economic status of women. She has developed and initiated various community service projects for the members of her organization to fulfill that serves lower income and disadvantaged women and minorities in particular. For example, she recently launched her organization’s, “Father Lift Her Program,” that endeavors to provide support and financial assistance to single mothers. This program is the heartbeat of Darnella’s soul as she shares her own personal experiences of growing up in a single-parent home as well as being a single-mom herself. All proceeds raised for the program in 2010 through her organization’s Founder’s Weekend Anniversary being held in April 2011 will be distributed as grants to selected single-mothers throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area who faced loss of job income and/or homelessness. Future organization initiatives include, but are not limited to, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, social/business etiquette and other programs that will help to lift girls and women from a life of poverty to one of prosperity in every area of their lives.

This is her Personal TestimonyProphetess-Elect Darnella along with her three siblings were lovingly and successfully raised by her single-parent Mother with the help of her Lord. She was blessed (than most kids raised in single-parent homes) to have a consistent and participatory relationship with her non-custodial parent Father in spite of her parents’ relationship dissolution. Yet, it was her Mom who beared the full-time load of raising her to become a loving person, productive citizen of society, and as importantly, the Kingdom of God. Becoming an adult and Mom herself during her senior year of community college, Darnella too faced single-parenthood while raising her daughter (who is now a married Mom herself) and son (age 11 years). Although she received (and continues to receive) financial support from the absent parent, there is no parental or participatory support at all. In spite of the abandonment of her childrens’ father, Darnella learned from her own Mother to lean on, trust in, and expect provision from God–her/their ultimate Father Who would never leave nor forsake her. He has not! God has been faithful to Darnella in the role of single-mother and knows that He will continue to do the same for her sisters in the world faced with the same challenging role of single-mothering whether by natural death or irresponsible abandonment of her child(ren) father(s).

Her Heart-Focus Charity
The Epilepsy Foundation

This is her Personal Testimony: Prophetess-Elect Darnella suffered from grand mall epilepsy seizures from the age of two until God divinely and miraculously healed her at age 14. She was a Downstate Medical Center, Kings County New York, research patient throughout her tenure of time suffering with this debilitating disease and her doctors always noted a grim report for her future (she’d never be able to live a normal lifestyle and would be on medication for the rest of her life). But God! After Darnella gave her life to Jesus Christ and was filled with His Holy Spirit in her mother’s living room one evening after attending church service, she believed by faith God’s report that told her that “by His stripes, she was healed!” She never took another phenobarbitol pill or experienced another epileptic seizure again! She continues to walk in her healing even today. She knows that if God healed her, He can and is ready to heal others suffering from this same or any other form of sickness or disease.

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