Her Message

When I initially signed up for a Twitter account, the Holy Spirit spoke my other name (in addition to The Daughter of Christ) which became my “Twitter handle,” His Love Evangelist (on Twitter HisLoveEvang). I was so excited because Love is who I am, all that I know, and all that I ever want to be: The Source of Love to bless the world just like my heavenly Father & Savior.

You cannot Love your way into heaven, but you can bring heaven on earth through your Love!
          ~ Darnella Moore

My message of Love as His Evangelist is a powerful and transforming one because it (Love) is the first fruit of the Spirit which embodies all the others. Meekness, kindness, compassion, patience and all the other fruits come from a spirit of Godly Love. When an invitation to speak is extended to me, I know immediately that Love will be the key ingredient to shape God’s message speaking out of me because it is my most passionate purpose and God-ordained assignment. My love life with my Creator God, myself and others continue to grow as He refreshes and refill my heart with His message and anointing of Love. It is now my beloved assignment, to share His blessed gift of Love with others.

The Holy Spirit cannot enter where Love is not present. The blessings of God cannot flow where Love is not reigning/raining.
          ~ Darnella Moore

To the world, the church, the community, we must allow God to rule and reign in our lives so that His Love will abound in us and flow out of us. I would be honored to bring His message of Love to your life, your home, your organization or community. Feel free to e-mail me at thedaughterofchrist@gmail.com with inquiries.

Purchase my current book, Our Daily Confessions of Divine Love, that guides you on a daily basis three confessions of Love to God, yourself, and others. My next book release that is already written, It’s Time To Love!

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