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America Needs A Deep-Seated Heart Change!

Over this holiday weekend, instead of traveling and keeping busy as I’ve normally done in the past, I remained home in the presence of and spent quality time with God the Father and my son DaSean.  It’s a rarity that I spend a holiday at home surrounded by my children (that includes a married daughter, son-in-Law and beautiful Grandbaby girl who visited us on Saturday), as I normally travel a distance up North or down South to celebrate with our large extended family. But God ordered my footsteps to remain home and I willingly and obediently did so. I’m so glad that I did!

I must admit that it felt so good to just stand still to rest and relax my mind, as well as get in the quiet peace and serenity of God’s presence. I read a good book, studied His Word, worked on my God-ordained purpose, took a couple of neighborhood walks, stood by the pool waters, and above all, prayed for myself as well as for my country. A recurring thought and inner passion for me throughout this weekend was my personal desire for America to stop asking a (the one and only) God it has rejected or removed itself from more progressively over the years to bless it (we know the theme song, “God Bless America, land that I love…”), and instead as His creation bless Him! It grieved my heart and spirit to realize how we oftentimes view and use God as a provisionary source, but fail to acknowledge Him as the Source of and Lord over our lives. We expect His blessings, but reject His blueprint for living as clearly written in His Word. I realized that we–beginning with me, myself, and I, needed a deep-seated heart change. A heart change that would cause me to always be submissive to my heavenly Father, selfless in my decisions of prioritizing, and service in the most compassionate way to others. Like King David (Psalm 51;10), I cried out to the Lord, create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.

Praying and believing by faith that God had granted me a deep-seated heart change was just the beginning of actually receiving one and walking in it. In fact, this step is just the beginning. The matters of the heart are deep-seated. Therefore, changing the heart is a continual progession that is fostered through the (1) power of prayer, (2) washing of the Word of God by reading, meditating and studying upon it, and (3) activation of all God has poured into us while in His presence.

Proverbs 14:30 confirms that a peaceful heart leads to a healthy body. So not only will a deep-seated heart change, beginning with our own selves, positively affect our nation as a whole, but will also bless you and I as individual citizens. We’ll then be able to in turn bless others. A return to God not only as Father, but also as Lord (meaning Ruler, Headship, Director) over our lives, will bring America back to health so that the generations to come will live to see and experience a bright and blessed future. Hallelujah, glory to God!

As we close out the 4th of July weekend celebrations on today, may we open up our hearts to receive the Love, the Grace and the Mercy of our great God Who desires to give us an even greater nation to call our home while here on earth. My fellow Americans, bless God today by giving Him Lordship over your life. I guarantee that if you do, you will never be the same again and prepared to impact the world for His greater good.

In His Love & Compassion,
Your Sister Darnella