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Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore

For the past few weeks, unfortunately like many Americans, I’ve been battling the flu with varying symptoms and feeling physically drained.  My spiritual waters even seemed to stop flowing from time to time.  Per my doctor’s orders, I rested as much as I possibly could as a single working mother and ministry leader.  Feelings of helplessness crept in.  I missed my busyness.  I longed to write inspirationally again.  Reaching out to others came to a halt; I needed restoration for myself.  I prayed, DaddyGod, I confess Your Healing over my body; please restore me so that I can get back to doing Your will for my life.  I wanted to feel whole again and return to being my “full of life” self.  My doctor explained that it takes six to eight weeks to overcome the type of flu I’d contracted.  I reminded myself that in the midst of I’m determined to stand on the healing promises of my God and out of the midst of, I shall rise refreshed, restored, rejuvenated and victoriously rise in servitude higher than before I took ill.

Tomorrow marks seven weeks of this flu epidemic for me.  Today, I’m feeling much better than I’ve felt in a long time.  Even with light symptoms remaining, I’m standing up to prepare for the next move of God to take place in and through my life.  From the day I was born, the enemy of illness has attacked my body to thwart the plans of God for me.  From the day I was born, I’ve fought that destructive demon with a vengeance determined to live and not die to see the salvation of the Lord in my life as well as the lives of others!  I obviously have a great work to do for God; I mean, why else would the devil spend his time coming after me? Well, I have news for the devil: he has his hands full with me; I’m a fighter and rise up stronger each and every time he attacks.  Out of the midst of trouble, DaddyGod has always delivered me bringing me through the fire without smelling like smoke only to rise higher in my loving servant leadership walk.  Yet again, because He is, I AM risen!

You, Lord, give true peace to those who depend on you,
because they trust you. ~ Colossians 3:15

No matter what you’re presently going through or find yourself in the midst of, hold onto the promises of God that declares you, His Royal Child, an overcomer in all things.  When you persevere, you are blessed with the opportunity to praise your way out to witness His promises made especially to you!  Stand up, fight, rise my powerful Royal Siblings – the Sons and Daughters of God!  You and I have so much to live for as well as so much to fulfill during our blessed lifetime.  He has risen and so shall we!

I personally thank each of you who were praying for me through this temporary storm. I love you and thank our awesome God for you!

Love Always,
Your Sister Darnella

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