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A Season of Miracles!

My Dearest Royal Readers,

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year! I was born in the springtime and always experience a sense of rebirthing, renewal and rejuvenation when my birthday comes around every year. I’m in expectation because I know that springtime is representative of new beginnings for my life and those around me.

Early Monday morning, I was so blessed to receive a direct message tweet from one of my favorite ministry Pastor Leaders that read “Darnella, May will be remarkable for you!” Upon reading, I instantly leaped in my spirit and began to praise God in advance for His miraculous taking place in May. I praised God in advance by faith knowing that if He said it, then surely, I was going to receive it. In fact, it’s already here right now! Once God’s places His mouth on a thing, it’s done in Jesus Name! Hallelujah, glory to God!

Author Kendra Norman-Bellamy and I

Abba began releasing my miracles on Sunday, May 1st! My first miracle was meeting my favorite (voted Essence Magazine’s #1 Christian-fiction) Author who is also my Royal Soror in The Daughters of Christ Sorority, Kendra Norman-Bellamy! What a beautiful person and gifted writer she is! She held a book signing at one of my Spiritual Parents’ churches so I went to visit my ministry family as well as to support Royal Soror Kendra whose books I’d began reading in October 2010. I never dreamed that I’d meet her in person, but miraculously, I have. I then left the book signing to attend my church’s 11:00am service: As soon as I walked through the church doors, I was greeted by yet another DsOC Royal Soror, Christine, who immediately handed me a gift bag and said, “Sis, God told me to gift this to you.” Like a kid on Christmas day, I excitedly opened the gift bag to find a pair of authentic Limited Edition Bvlgari sunglasses. I was simply knocked off my feet as I absolutely adore high-end fashion, but would not have purchased such an extravagant item for myself at this time. I was shocked at the gifting that I’d received so unexpectedly! As I exit Jericho, one of our seasoned Ministers approached me and said “I’m adding you to my daughters list,” so God blessed me with yet another Spiritual Parent to cover me in life and ministry. His beginning release of my May miracles!

Join me in expecting our awesome Abba God to perform a miracle in your life this month. What have you been praying about or asking God to do for you according to His will? Are you ready for that miracle to be realized? These are crucial questions because we serve a God who releases complete answers. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him; He is a Father who loves to bless His children in unimaginable ways. Open your hearts and your hands wide to receive your awesome May miracle. It’s coming and I’m rejoicing with you!

Love Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. Purchase Royal Soror Kendra’s new release “Upon This Rock”. Her books are so delicious–you just can’t put them down. visit www.KendraNormanBellamy.com

P.P.S. Tune into my BTR Show, Candid Kingdom Conversation Between Sons & Daughters, with Royal Bro. Darren A. Davis and I on this upcoming Saturday at Noon EST. We’re going to be ministering on Miracles! In fact, Join us every Saturday at Noon EST!