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My Assignment at IMSS’ Tea Social

On last Saturday, I was so very honored and abundantly blessed to attend as well as minister the anointing consecration of the 10 Founding Members of In My Sister’s Shadow, Inc. at their classy Tea Social (and first anniversary celebration) held at the Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, MD. My Royal Soror of The Daughters of Christ Sorority, Prophetess Emani C. White, is the Founder of this awesome vision and mission to minister to and meet the needs of hurting women. I am so very proud of her!

Throughout the Tea Social, I met and fellowshipped with women who were hurting or had experienced hurt in a myriad of ways in their lives. Moreover, by happenstance (or should I say God’s positioning), I was honored to be seated directly next to the two women from a local homeless shelter that IMSS had handpicked to bless with complimentary tickets along with brand new clothing, accessories, hairstyles, nails and even a hotel stay the night before the event! Isn’t God awesome?

He heals and blesses us so that we in turn can heal and bless others! 

Passionately, yet candidly, each of them shared their personal stories of drug use, domestic violence and so much more with myself as well as others seated at our table. I was brought to tears not only due to feeling their hurt and pain (remember, when one hurts, we all hurt), but also due to experiencing their “right now” blessings through the women (IMSS Diamonds–as the members are called) of this great organization who’d themselves at one point in their own lives faced similarly tragic experiences.

By the time we arrived at my point of ministry in the service — The anointing and consecretation of IMSS Founding Members, including the Founder and her Husband, James White, I was so filled up with God’s Love and power that all I could sing out upon approaching the podium was “Yes, Yes, Lord; yes to Your will, yes to Your way; God whatever you ask me to do, my soul says Yes Lord!”  The anointing service was truly a powerful move of God Who gets all the glory from it. The Lord was reminding me and instructing others to obey His leadership and service calls! This was the opening of the Anointing Ceremony. As I anointed and prophetically spoke a Word into the lives of each IMSS Diamond, the Holy Spirit re-anointed me as His servant Daughter.

You see, when we yield and allow our humble selves to be used by God to touch the lives of others, our anointed and Loving touch will not only bless them, but bless us too.

My Royal Soror Sharon D. Owens, as Director of IMSS Events, did such a fabulous job of planning such a classy event of women coming together in their Sunday’s best, hats and gloves for a time of tea and fellowship. More importantly, our heavenly Father performed an abundance of miracles of healing, restoration, renewal and exhortation within each and every one of us in attendance to recharge our spirit of generous service to those less fortunate or presently hurting more than we are.

Thank you my Kingdom Brother Jimmy White along with his beautiful wife, Royal Soror Emani, as well as the entire In My Sister’s Shadow family for including me in your awesome event and in your lives. I am so proud to be a IMSS Diamond (Member) myself and encourage all of my Royal Sorors to join me in support of this community serving vision.

Make a decision today to reach out and touch someone with God’s Love and your humble service. You’ll be so blessed and glad that you did!

For more information in IMSS, visit them online at www.inmysistersshadow.org

Daddy Loves You and So do I,
Your Sister Darnella