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Monday, Oct. 7th, 9:00pm EST
DIAL: (218) 862-7200 / CODE: 408568


Francina Harrison, The Career Engineer

Francina Harrison, The Career Engineer

Speaker:  Francina Harrison
Chief Empowerment Office of The Career Engineer

Join The Sons & Daughters of Christ Royal Family for another Empowering Teleconference w/our Founder, Prophetess Darnella Moore, along with her fellow National & Chapter Leaders of The Daughters of Christ, Inc.

My DsOC Royal Soaror Francina (DsOC-HRVA) is a nationally/internationally respect Career Coach who has been featured in the news media throughout the U.S. To find the right career, job or professional pursuit, she is indeed your “go-to” person.  She will be speaking powerfully into our lives, as well as providing knowledge and instruction on surviving this current economic climate in the job market and so much more. Invite someone to join you.

TCE Summit

Of course, I’ll will be gifting some of our Royal Soarors with a hardcopies of one of my absolute favorite novels, “Roses,” by Leila Meachum on tonight’s teleconference.

Until This Evening,
Love Always, Prophetess Darnella

Government Has Shutdown, But DaddyGod Won’t!

Our government led by imperfect people has #shutdown but know that your perfect #God never will. Trust Him!

~ TheDaughterofChrist

Darnella in heart of loveAs of midnight, the United States of America’s government has shutdown. For many, especially “non-essential” government workers, labor and financial insecurity looms over the heads of Americans.  While pondering this sad state of our country, the Holy Spirit brings to my attention the good ‘ole gospel hymn that sings “Put your hand in the hands of the man that stills the (raging) waters; put your hand in the hands of the man from Galilee.”  Who is that miraculous man?  I’m so proud to tell you – He is my Creator, my Healer, my Deliverer, my Heavenly Father, my DaddyGod!  In one powerful name – Jesus the Christ!

The Lord is good, giving protection in times of trouble.  He knows who trusts in Him.”
~ Nahum 1:7

Protection, provision, power and promotion are all things pertaining and privileged to the Sons and Daughters of God (Jew and Gentile).  Such is the reason why receiving soul salvation through Him is essential.  Knowing exactly Who the head of your life as well as the center of your joy is, surely is crucial especially in these challenging end times that we now live in.  People are going in circles, government is dysfunctional, and hope seems to be dwindling from the White House to your house.  But I’m here to blog you yet again, that all hope for you and I, my Royal Siblings, is not lost – we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord! Glory! Hallelujah!

Lord, even when I have trouble all around me, you will keep me alive.  When my enemies are angry, you will reach down and save me by your power.”~ Psalm 138:7

Satan, the ruler of this temporary world, is doing all he can to amass as many sons and daughters for evil that he can; he (satan) knows his time is almost up (although too stubborn to face the fact that he is already defeated – our Lord and Savior took care of him over 2,000 years ago).  Therefore, evil is rising in the land.  But God!  Our omnipotent, yet gracious Father, who art in heaven… Glory to God, His seed/children are and shall remain victorious!  We have no need to worry:  He, our Lord can handle that (destroying worry, that is) on our behalf.

Jesus said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me.”
~ John 14:1

Again remember, imperfect man has caused the United States of America’s government to shut down, but our perfect Creator God and Heavenly Father will never shut down on us!  He is allowing man to have a little bit say destroying himself, but soon and very soon, His strong arm shall prevail with victory, justice and peace!  What a blessed comfort to be a Royal Son or Daughter of God!

Loving You & Abba Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister
Prophetess Darnella

P.S. “X” out every negative word attempting to encroach upon your territory and replace it with the name that is above every name: Jesus! (Those of you who were on my Empowering Teleconference on Monday evening know exactly what I’m talking about.



Our awesome transformational DaddyGod has a powerful way of restoring, refreshing and revitalizing our personhood and atmosphere to the point those in our past won’t recognize us, those in our present can’t deny us and those blessed to be in our future can’t await our arrival! Royal Siblings, give our Heavenly Father the praise in advance for cleaning and lifting up some of the low down things in your life to SOAR you all brand new as His Royalty! The season has changed and so shall you – Get ready to put on and fashion your new Royal Wardrobe for all the world to see and for Abba’s glory. Hallelujah!!!

My Royal Kingdom Brothers & Sisters, join me this evening for my Empowering Teleconference “His Brand New Child!” I’ll be speaking straight from the heart of God into our’s as His Sons & Daughters on the experience of spiritual rejuvenation, transformation, salvation and renewal.

At 9pm sharp Dial 218-862-7200, Conf Code: 408568. Invite someone to join you.

Purchase our National Director of Arts, Royal Soaror Darnaya Darice’s, new book “Words of Shattered Mind” that has poem in it just for you!

Love Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister

P.S. My Royal Kingdom Sisters, to join our powerful Movement of The Daughters of Christ Soarority, simply e-mail us at thedaughtersofchrist@gmail.com your full name, city, and state. “Because He Is, You Are (already)…. A Royal Daughter of Christ!” Love, Royal Soaror Prophetess Darnella Moore, Humble Founder

Empowering Teleconference Tonight 9pm EST

DoC DauI enjoyed my “GlamMommy” weekend; my adorably intelligent GrandPrincesses, Samaya Pearl & Zaivia Danielle, surly keep me grounded as Abba’s SOARING Royal Daughter. Now back to service…

“I’m A Royal Birther, What About You?” 


My Royal Kingdom Brothers & Sisters, join me this evening for my first fall season Empowering Teleconference “I’m A Royal Birther, What About You?” I’ll be speaking straight from the heart of God into our’s as His Sons & Daughters on birthing out spiritually – your love, your purpose, your idea or simply, your being as Kingdom Royalty. I’ll also bless three (3) new Royal Siblings who are first-time participants with an autographed copy of my daughter’s powerful poetic writings that are taking readers’ hearts by loving storm in her first publication “Words of Shattered Mind” (by Darnaya Darice).

At 9pm sharp Dial 218-862-7200, Conf Code: 408568. Invite someone to join you to be your PUSH – It’s Time To Birth Out for DaddyGod’s glory!

Love Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister

P.S. My Royal Kingdom Sisters, to join our powerful Movement of The Daughters of Christ Soarority, simply e-mail us at thedaughtersofchrist@gmail.com your full name, city, and state. “Because He Is, You Are (already)…. A Royal Daughter of Christ!” Love, Royal Soaror Prophetess Darnella Moore, Humble Founder


dsoc_logoWhen you’re not in close proximity to DaddyGod to hear His key assignment for your life, you’ll find yourself flip flopping to and fro every few days, weeks, months or years to a new assignment or idea created by you (self). Leading Sons & Daughters of God must hear clearly from God to pursue His perfect plans and assignments for their lives. His assignments don’t change with the times nor the winds, but are set in stone through completion. Our Heavenly Father is a stable God, and therefore, so are we a stable people. Find your purposed assignment and keep pursuing it no matter what it looks like; I guarantee you according to His Promises, the vision and assignment for your life will come to fruition giving God the glory and your naysayers something unbelievable (to them) to talk about!

DaddyGod told me in 1995 to birth out The Sons & Daughters of Christ; it’s 2013, I’m still birthing, still pushing and still SOARING more and more each day. I won’t stop until my assignment is complete! Don’t you move, change or stop on the assignment our Lord has entrusted to you – keep pushing and moving forward without looking back!

Loving DaddyGod & You Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister
Prophetess Darnella

P.S. Join me this upcoming Monday, Sept. 16th at 9pm EST for Empowering Teleconferences with The Daughter of Christ. I’ll be pouring out the heart of DaddyGod on the subject “I’m A Royal Birther, What About You?” Dial 218-862-7200, Conference Code: 408568

Thursday, October 24, 2013, 7:30pm EST

AOLCWC Flyer 2013

“Words of A Shattered Mind”
by Darnaya Darice

Darnaya Book CoverClick Here to Read My Review on Amazon.com


Darnella in heart of loveOn Sunday evening as I prepared to take my seat at my writing table to work on my next book release, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me: Tell my children to just stand still in love. I immediately stood still awaiting Abba’s further instructions; His further instructions were simply a repeat of what He’d just spoken to me for us:

Stand still in God-Love.

Life is so often too busy as well as replete with everyday challenges that demands our attention. In the midst of experiencing a moment of joy, we may suddenly live to see another moment of experiencing pain. Life is cyclical. One minute we may be laughing and, for some unfortunate reason or another, we’re crying in the next. One day we’re up, whether physically, emotionally, socially or financially, and the next we’re down. Facing good times as well as bad is life for us all no matter how spiritually “saved” we are or not. If you live long enough, as my Mommy says, you will go through a rough time in some sort of fashion.

I surely have lived long enough to know this to be true. But I’m so thankful to God that I’ve also lived long enough to know that my DaddyGod will see and bring me through all things victorious. Additionally, He has taught me how to “weather” the storm through His unchangeable Word and unwavering strength as opposed to the weakness of my own by standing completely still in His Love no matter what seas are raging around me. I encourage myself by confessing and declaring,

I shall not be moved from being God-Love!

 God’s Love is my life, my protection, my provision, my peace, my purpose, my plan. In a nutshell, God-Love is my absolute sure foundation! I shall not be moved no matter what is happening around me. I’m standing on the promises of God’s Love. When my family, friends or enemies forsake me, I will continue to stand on, walk in  and flow through the power of God-Love.

The Love of our Heavenly Father will heal and fill the spaces of our lives that are void or empty. His Love will cause us to soar like eagles above all manner of evil as well as destroy it at its root. The Love of God is our sure foundation. Therefore, in all your doings, whether you find yourself riding the coaster of success or you’re temporarily on the brink of failure, be determined to stand tall, bold and still in perfect love which is aGod-Love!

My Royal Kingdom Siblings, I Love you and am praying for you and your’s! Thank you so much for praying for me; I can feel your love!

Loving Abba & You Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister,
Prophetess Darnella

P.S. I recently spoke His Message of Love at a Trayvon Martin Vigil held in Alexandria, VA on July 20, 2013; take a look at the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixjd0B8OiEc


Darnella in heart of loveI clearly heard the Holy Spirit say to me this morning: “Speak to my creative children ‘Make Your Move!’” We are anointed creators of new ideas, inventions, plans, or other things that can potentially impact the world corporately in a meaningful or historical way while at the same time bless us personally.

Abba God is a Creator, and therefore, so are we Creators!

There may have been a thought that flashed in your mind, a passion in your heart, or a pulling in your spirit that revealed a book, a building, a company, a product or any item that has yet to be released in the earth. Well, I have news for you: It was not a fleeting thought or feeling; it was DaddyGod’s conception of, with the intent of birthing out, a brand new thing to be discovered and/or created through you.  The wind of His creative force is blowing fiercely through you and I – His royal sons and daughters. You may be reading this and thinking: Who me, create something? Yes, DaddyGod is speaking directly to you – His intelligent creative child who was born to showcase His wisdom and glory in the earth.

This past weekend, I performed DaddyGod’s command as I finally stopped to edit my book manuscript that He’d inspired me to write back in 2002. Instead of enjoying our beautiful 80+ degree weather we had in the Washington, DC metro area this weekend, I remained home sitting at my iMac desktop computer from sunrise to sunset on Saturday and Sunday editing my unreleased manuscript that I’d procrastinated on for too long. I made my move as His bestselling creative author this weekend and it felt great! I realized that as long as I hold up the book from publication, the longer I’m holding up from blessing my readers as well as myself.

I’ve made my creative move. 
Now, what about you?

Where has DaddyGod asked you to go? What has DaddyGod inspired you to do? When was the last time you resumed working on the last project you began but pushed aside?

My Royal Kingdom Siblings,
it’s time to make your creative move!

DaddyGod have need of you and the thing He is trying to create through you. Through His love, wisdom and power, you are an intelligently successful creative being, not a stagnant purposeless one. Shake off every weight in your life that is holding you down and get moving immediately towards creating the next big thing that will positively influence the world, divinely bring DaddyGod glory and abundantly bless you! His undeniable promise is that you’ll have more than enough on earth as it is in heaven. The fulfillment of His promise to do so is through your creations. It is His desire for His children to prosper. He has given us the tools to do so. The prosperity of wealth to carry you and future generations is in our hearts and hands. DaddyGod has done His part; we must now do our’s!

As The Daughter of Christ, I finally “got” DaddyGod’s message to act like the creator that I am. My prayer is that if you haven’t already, you will get His creator message too.

I love you and am praying for you. Thank you for joining me on this inspirational blogging journey. I prophetically speak great success into your life in every endeavor that you pursue according to the will of God, by the design of God and for the glory of God.

You are His Royal Creator and it’s high time to let the world not just merely know, but surely experience exactly who you are! Somebody shout along with me – Hallelujah!

Loving DaddyGod & You,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister
Prophetess Darnella

P.S. Create more Royal Kingdom Creators by share and commenting on this blog. Also, be sure to subscribe to it so you won’t miss any future ones.

Critical Exposure Exhibit 2013 ~ Washington, DC Student Photographers In Action!

Critical ExposureDue to the generosity of Nixon Peabody, LLP (Critical Exposure’s leading Sponsor), on May 22 I was so honored and blessed to attend this awesome Exhibit presented by Critical Exposure that featured very thought-provoking and emotionally stirring photographs taken by Washington, DC students that realistically share their story of social and academic living in the city. 

Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore

Each and every photo tells the story of a student’s life as a youth living in and/or attending underprivileged communities or underfunded schools in Washington, DC.  Critical Exposure’s photograhs upon viewing causes one to pause and thank God for his/her blessings as well as moves one into compassionate servitude to help cause positive change in the world.  For me personally, the exhibit stirred up emotions to include, but surely are not limited to, sadness, disappointment, anger while also joy, laughter and proudness that these students’ issues were being exposed and addressed through photography. Two of the students, along with Adam Levner (Executive Director & Co-Founder) and Judith Dianis (Co-Director of Advancement Project) all rendered passionate speeches at the exhibit on the plight of DC student’s social and academic needs and how Critical Exposure is addressing those issues through photography.

Advancement Project's Co-Director, Mrs. Judith Dianis & I

Judith Dianis & I

CE Students Orlando & Sean
CE Students Orlando & Sean

The highlight of my evening was having the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the students in CE’s program.  To hear their personal stories and excitement of having the opportunity to have a voice through photography as a result of CE’s mentorship program was an experience I shall not soon, if not ever, forget!  At one point while speaking with a student, tear drops began to fall down my face: (1) tears of joy for blessing the students with Critical Exposure’s program and the social change being realized as a result of it, and (2) tears of sadness as I viewed the photos of schools with security bars/chains, yet no complete library or librarian.  As an avid reader and ever-maturing writer, this totally broke my heart. 

Viewing Sean's Photography

Viewing Sean’s Photography

Although many of the photos broke my heart, they actually motivated my spirit of community and activism the more!  I left the event asking myself: “How can I personally assist, serve, support and promote the vision/mission of Critical Exposure to help underprivileged students acquire the proper educational and social tools and resources that they need to succeed in life?

Christine Brosonski & I

Christine Brosonski & I

Way to go Adam and the entire Critical Exposure organization!

Thank you Nixon Peabody for leading the sponsorship way and affording me the opportunity to attend the event to become more aware of this great organization impacting the lives of our youth locally and worldwide. A salute to Christine Brosonski who volunteers at Critical Exposure and introduced the organization’s vision and need for support to Nixon Peabody.

The Daughter of Christ Loves Critical Exposure!

Darnella Moore loves the mission of Critical Exposure!

If you are in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I encourage you to visit the Pepco Edison Place Gallery to experience Critical Exposure’s Exhibit 2013 which you’ll absolutely love, no doubt, as much as I did.  The exhibit is displayed through June 6, 2013.

Saks Fifth Avenue Spring Fashion Show benefiting The Eric Trump Foundation & St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore on May 19, 2013

In representation of The Daughters of Christ Inc.’s support, I had the pleasure of attending the Saks Fifth Avenue Spring Fashion Show benefiting the Eric Trump Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Sunday afternoon. It was my first time visiting the beautiful grounds at Trump National Golf Club of DC located in my Northern Virginia community. The venue was perfectTrumpGolfCourseand the event was spectacular! I had a great time meeting wonderful people, partaking of a delicious three-course lunch meal, and viewing beautiful spring/summer fashions from Saks Fifth Avenue Tysons Galleria replete with men’s and women’s wear of leading designers for a great cause! ETFEvent2013TableSetting

ETF's Table Setting

ETF’s Table Setting

I was so honored to be seated at Table 1 along with some phenomenal ladies: Summer (I Am Modern Magazine), Meghan (Intern, Northern Virginia Magazine), Jean, and Lucy (both avid golfers who offered to help me along my golf learning journey that begins with my beginner’s golf courses at The Golf Club at Lansdowne on June 1).  As it turns out, Jean and I share a mutual friend as well: It’s a small world.  ETFEvent2013SaksSignage

Summer & I

Summer & I

As a writer myself, it was so exciting to see magazine journalism in action as Summer and Meghan attentively took plenty of notes during the fashion show. I’m looking forward to reading their respective write-ups on the event (which I’ll share once they are published).

Meghan & I

Meghan & I

April Yvonne & I

April Yvonne & I

The Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, which was moderated by April Yvonne, Fashion Stylist and Founder of MyDCStyle, awesomely provided us with great fashion looks and styles for the season. All of the Saks representatives who were available to answer our interest or purchasing inquiries on clothing and/or beauty items were very amicable, professional and knowledgeable. The beauty reps even touched up my lips with the coral lip gloss by Sisley Cosmetics – an organic skincare and makeup line. I loved it and looked fabulous with it on (if I must say so myself)! In fact, a representative of Sisley Cosmetics is coming to Saks Tysons Galleria next month and I scheduled my make-over appointment at the event for June 6; Due to my having sensitive skin, I’m looking forward to trying out an organic skincare line.ETFEvent2013MakeupApplication

At the end of the event, all attendees were blessed with two gift bags: One containing a Saks Fifth Avenue Wine Bottle Stopper and the other a delicious cupcake by Cakes By Carolyn, both of which I was truly grateful to receive. ETFEvent2013GiftCupcake

ETFEvent2013GiftBagWineStopperThis benefit event was a huge success; I hope that as a result, St. Jude benefited greatly. I pray for God’s continue healing and strength to the young patients as well as their parents who are being treated at St. Jude.

Way to go Saks Fifth Avenue and Eric Trump Foundation!  ETFEvent2013Poster

May DaddyGod bless you for reading my blog.  Remember, He Loves you and so do I!

Your Royal Kingdom Sister Darnella
Founder of The Daughters of Christ, Inc.

P.S. Now, I’m really “pumped out” about beginning my golf lessons in a couple of weeks. My “baby” brother Jermaine, who is a golfer, has been encouraging me for years to learn the game. Watch out Jermaine – you know how I am once I put my heart, time and talent into something: I go for it with a passion with the intent to succeed. As my latest saying goes with The Daughters of Christ Royal Soarors: I “Be Me, Do Me,” and suggest you “Be You, Do You as DaddyGod designed you! 🙂


I Am Modern Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine


“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
Before you were born I set you apart
and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”
~ Jeremiah 1:5

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My Dearest Royal Siblings,

Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore on 5/17/13

It’s Friday and I’m thanking DaddyGod for the blessing of seeing it and being a part of it!  Somebody didn’t wake up this morning, but you and I did – what a bountiful blessing!  I woke up determined to be and to do what I’ve always been taught by my omnipotent Heavenly Father and exemplified by my beautiful natural mother Pearl – both of whom I love and adore – to be and to do who/which is simply me!  I love who my Creator God made me to be even before I was placed in my mother’s womb; I love who I’m ever growing and maturing to become; and I love exactly who I am right now!  I’m able to love me because I know who I am!

Because He Is, I AM… The Daughter of Christ!
Because He Is, You ARE… The Sons & Daughters of God/Christ!
(an entirely whole other Kingdom; a people totally set apart)

My “Truth” identity wasn’t developed by nor is it defined by the world’s deplorable standards, but by the express infallible Words of my DaddyGod.  He called me Royal Daughter even while in sin and even now, as a born-again and fire-baptized Christian, in my imperfection.  You see, our God speaks creative words with the knowledge and intent to form and develop the image into being the someone or the something He created into beautiful.  He doesn’t make anyone or anything messed up, mixed up or unattractive.  “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord!”  Hallelujah!  The more I believe by faith and walk in by determination who DaddyGod says I am, the evermore I’m developing into His express image with the ability to proudly and confidently proclaim, “I look just like my DaddyGod!  The more I confidently proclaim me, the more beautifully I become me and more able to do me.

Along with having (what I term) Christ-esteem (not low or high self-esteem, but balanced self-esteem based and built upon the Word of God), I also know I was born on purpose for purpose.  In other words, the more I know myself, the better I understand what I’m on earth to do.  I’m a woman of abundant God-love, impactful purpose and great passion.  I’ve sought the Lord for His plans for my life.  He has assigned, anointed and appointed me to fulfill those well-designed plans.  And I’m obediently doing and fulfilling those plans while loving the life I live today! Now, I’m living a God-loving purposeful life…

being me and doing me!

My humble advice to you, my Royal Kingdom Sibling, is the same…

Be and Do You!

The world doesn’t need any more horrible counterfeits, but instead, more of DaddyGod’s beautiful, powerful, and original designer Sons & Daughters who look and act just like their DaddyGod Who just so happens to be the King of all kings and Lord of all Lords!

As one of my most cherished long-time sister-friends, Jacquie would say: How about that?!

Loving Abba & You,
Your Royal Sister Prophetess Darnella

Twitter Hashtags: #BeMeDoMe #BeYouDoYou

P.S. By the way, I’m speaking this blog’s title, “Be You, Do You,” in my Brooklyn, NYC accent. 🙂

P.P.S. Tune into my BTR Show live on tomorrow at Noon EST to experience me, along with my DsOC Royal Soaror Dr. Shiral Smith, passionately minister this blog in living color! Stream or Dial-in live at (646) 915-9584.