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Critical Exposure Exhibit 2013 ~ Washington, DC Student Photographers In Action!

Critical ExposureDue to the generosity of Nixon Peabody, LLP (Critical Exposure’s leading Sponsor), on May 22 I was so honored and blessed to attend this awesome Exhibit presented by Critical Exposure that featured very thought-provoking and emotionally stirring photographs taken by Washington, DC students that realistically share their story of social and academic living in the city. 

Darnella Moore

Darnella Moore

Each and every photo tells the story of a student’s life as a youth living in and/or attending underprivileged communities or underfunded schools in Washington, DC.  Critical Exposure’s photograhs upon viewing causes one to pause and thank God for his/her blessings as well as moves one into compassionate servitude to help cause positive change in the world.  For me personally, the exhibit stirred up emotions to include, but surely are not limited to, sadness, disappointment, anger while also joy, laughter and proudness that these students’ issues were being exposed and addressed through photography. Two of the students, along with Adam Levner (Executive Director & Co-Founder) and Judith Dianis (Co-Director of Advancement Project) all rendered passionate speeches at the exhibit on the plight of DC student’s social and academic needs and how Critical Exposure is addressing those issues through photography.

Advancement Project's Co-Director, Mrs. Judith Dianis & I

Judith Dianis & I

CE Students Orlando & Sean
CE Students Orlando & Sean

The highlight of my evening was having the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the students in CE’s program.  To hear their personal stories and excitement of having the opportunity to have a voice through photography as a result of CE’s mentorship program was an experience I shall not soon, if not ever, forget!  At one point while speaking with a student, tear drops began to fall down my face: (1) tears of joy for blessing the students with Critical Exposure’s program and the social change being realized as a result of it, and (2) tears of sadness as I viewed the photos of schools with security bars/chains, yet no complete library or librarian.  As an avid reader and ever-maturing writer, this totally broke my heart. 

Viewing Sean's Photography

Viewing Sean’s Photography

Although many of the photos broke my heart, they actually motivated my spirit of community and activism the more!  I left the event asking myself: “How can I personally assist, serve, support and promote the vision/mission of Critical Exposure to help underprivileged students acquire the proper educational and social tools and resources that they need to succeed in life?

Christine Brosonski & I

Christine Brosonski & I

Way to go Adam and the entire Critical Exposure organization!

Thank you Nixon Peabody for leading the sponsorship way and affording me the opportunity to attend the event to become more aware of this great organization impacting the lives of our youth locally and worldwide. A salute to Christine Brosonski who volunteers at Critical Exposure and introduced the organization’s vision and need for support to Nixon Peabody.

The Daughter of Christ Loves Critical Exposure!

Darnella Moore loves the mission of Critical Exposure!

If you are in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I encourage you to visit the Pepco Edison Place Gallery to experience Critical Exposure’s Exhibit 2013 which you’ll absolutely love, no doubt, as much as I did.  The exhibit is displayed through June 6, 2013.