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Darnella belives in building up one’s Christ-esteem as opposed to focusing on limited self-esteem. It’s not about self, but all about Him!

A Dose of Love & Tanya Blount Interview 03/02 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio

On today’s BTR Show, DaddyGod poured out of His heart through me to women – His Daughters (from Psalm 68:4-14); then in Segment 2, I was so honored to interview my Royal Kingdom Sister in the Washington, DC (“DMV”) area, Tanya Blount Trotter, who has a powerful testimony as well as awesome ministry to girls/women through “The I Am Beautiful Corporation” which is hosting a conference March 8-9. I will be there to love, pray, support and cheer her on! Take a listen to the show and be blessed:

A Dose of Love & Tanya Blount Interview 03/02 by Darnella Moore | Blog Talk Radio.

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Darnella MooreThe Daughter of Christ

Darnella Moore
The Daughter of Christ

It doesn’t matter what is presently going on around you.  I could care less about what it looks like.  I’m not interested in hearing the horror stories of your past.  Unless you’re presently walking in the season of your promise, to be honest, I don’t even want to discuss your today.  All I want to hear, to focus on, and to have faith concerning is what our faithful DaddyGod has already declared just for you!  If you’re looking for a fellow Royal Sibling [a sister or brother in the Kingdom of God] to wallow in your “pittie party,” I, The Daughter of Christ, am not the one.  Because if our Heavenly Father — Who speaks, creates, knows and performs — said it, then I know, without a shadow of a doubt, it shall come to pass for me and for you!

As opposed to hanging around or listening to the naysayers the enemy has subtly and strategically placed as an interruption in your divine pathway or laying around crying about what hasn’t yet manifested in your life, you–my Royal Sibling–need to immediately perform/do the following: 

Open up your personal/spiritual journal (I truly hope you’ve been documenting what Abba has been speaking to you) to recall His prophetic promises, be reminded of your promised destiny, refresh your spirit by soaking in Abba’s presence, revive His Word spoken personally to you, re-live that specific Word by acting like it’s already done, and for God’s sake, please restore your belief in the “Promised Land” already decreed and deeded in His Name for your’s.  [Work these “Rs” my Royal Family, work them!]

“Keep on asking and it will be given you;
keep on seeking and you will find;
keep on knocking [reverently]
and [the door] will be opened to you.”
 – Matthew 7:7, AMP

Sons and Daughters of God are movers and shakers, not benders or breakers!  We have an anointing to be resilient through the storm, through the rain, through sickness as well as through pain.  We’re blessed with this insurmountable strength “Because He Is, We Are… strong, mighty, powerful, healthy, wealthy, intelligent, positive, loving and kind BELIEVERS [a.k.a] The Sons and Daughters of Christ!

Definition of Resilient
adj: Rebounding; recoiling; returning to the original position.
(wow, there are those powerful “Rs” again; I minister on those quite a bit)

I’m not being hard on or uncompassionate towards you; per my Kingdom Assignment, I’m merely reminding you as well as myself of who we are, whose we are and what we do in handling temporary warfare circumstances that has no permanent impact to our existence as Abba’s own.

In Abba’s Love,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister Darnella
The Daughter of Christ

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