DoC DauOn this day three (3) years ago, I founded and incorporated “The Daughters of Christ, Inc” (a.k.a. “The Daughters of Christ SOARority” or “The DsOC”) in Fairfax, VA which is now one of the Kingdom’s most influential market-place ministries unifying and impacting the lives of Christian and non-Christian women through the Love & Power of Jesus Christ! God conceived this awesome vision within my heart in 1995; He finally released me to launch The DsOC in 2010 and we’ve been SOARING for Abba’s glory ever since with local chapters being established throughout the U.S. as well as eventually abroad.  

Moving forward as led by God to do so, being a dual-role Christian entrepreneur and servant leader has been very rewarding (especially when my evangelism endeavors lead people back to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ) as well as very challenging.  Building a vision, especially an enormous one like The DsOC, from the ground up can be a daunting task, but I’ve learned to keep my eyes on what God has prophetically spoken concerning the vision with the trust that what DaddyGod has spoken, He will surely bring it pass.   I’ve had people to come to the vision, leave the vision, praise the vision, ridicule the vision, support the vision or reject the vision.  There are times in my life, particularly throughout ministry, that I’ve consistently sown into the lives of and/or supported people through their numerous endeavors, yet these same persons have never attended or supported mine.  At the same time, God has moved on the hearts of people, Jew and Gentile, to sow financially into the vision as I trust God to meet its needs so that the organization in turn can meet the needs of others.  In and through it all, my DaddyGod has remained a constant in my life and throughout the visions He (not man) has birthed out of me.  Just today, DaddyGod reminded me of His Word that said, They that plant in tears, shall reap in joy!”  Hallelujah!

I want to personally thank my family, friends and DsOC Royal Soaror Sisters who have labored with me in the vision of The Daughters of Christ, Inc. not only for the past 3 years, but since I’ve been speaking the vision in 1995.  May DaddyGod return to you 100-fold all that you’ve poured (and continue to pour) out of your hearts into The DsOC, Inc.  Corporately, we remain at the “baby stage,” but when The DsOC is prosperously all grown up, you shall reap an “adult” reward says our Lord.

If God has placed a vision in your heart that brings Him glory and others blessings, don’t let go of the vision or your divine dream.  It may seem impossible and insurmountable, but God will make it happen successfully through you.  Remember, it is His vision; you and I are merely the hand servants to execute and present it to the world for our blessing and His glory.

To all of my beautiful DsOC Royal Soarors, I wish The Daughters of Christ, Inc. a very Royal & Happy 3rd Birthday!

In Abba’s Love & Service Always,
Your Royal Kingdom Sister Darnella Moore
Founder & National President of 
     The Daughters of Christ, Inc.

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