Darnella Speaks To Christian Singles (YouTube Video)

I was so honored to be one of the guest speakers along with Pastor Jonathan Dukes of Delaware at a Singles Conference themed “Is This Your Season?” held in Hampton Roads, VA on February 9, 2013. Check out the Message I birthed out through the power of the Holy Spirit entitled, “When DaddyGod Writes A Love Story.” I wholeheartedly thank Pastor & First Lady Ray Charles Bagley of Faith Ministry Outreach church in Hampton Roads, VA for the blessed invitation!

One response to “Darnella Speaks To Christian Singles (YouTube Video)

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    For all my “Singles and Anointed Saints”, know that God has given you a season of singleness for a reason. GET READY, NO TIME TO STALL! Amen. Listening to this sermon by Evangelist Darnella just blessed me so. Now I am sharing this with you to enjoy too, be blessed!

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