A Prayer I Layed Down Over My Paternal Family


“Father, In the Matchless Name Lord Jesus, we honor and praise You for being the Head of our family and the Center of our joy! We thank You Father God for bringing our past, present and future generations to our knees in submission and obedience to you as your Royal Children as well as for hand-picking us as Your Special Possession to spread Your Love, Gospel and Healing to the world. I speak an evangelistic, prophetic and apostolic anointing over every household represented in our family! Every member shall be saved, shall be used, and shall be great in the earth for your glory! I speak divine healing over those who are sick, prosperity over those who are broke, and power over those who need a deliverance in their souls and spirits. In this, Your Perry Family, I decree and declare as The Daughter of Christ, that there is NOTHING missing and NOTHING broken! We are well, whole and complete in every area of our lives. Our children are blessed, provided for and are/shall be academic, athletic and social Achievers! Our men are Royal Priesthood earthly Leading kings inside their homes as well as outside in their communities. Our women are Royal Priesthood earthly Leading queens within and around the sphere of their personal influence. We re-anoint all over again every one of us who represent one of the 5-fold Ministry positionings (Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Apostle or Prophet) so that we may operate more powerfully in the manifestation of the gifts of the spirit to include miracles, signs and wonders. We speak a brand new generation of Men and Women of God – Sons & Daughters of Christ within this family who will speak an even greater revelation of your Word; for the Bible says, each generation of a family goes from glory to glory. We thank You Lord for our ancestors-the forerunners, for Ernie Simons who spearheaded this family celebration in remembrance and the great legacy of his brother Garry Simons; may all that they have poured into us return 100-fold unto them and their lineage. In the Name of Jesus we pray and declare as a Family: To God Be All the Glory!!!”

In His Love & Power,
Evangelist Darnella Moore
The Daughter of Christ & Elder Horace L. Owens
P.S.  On Sunday, September 29, 2012, my cousin Ernie requested that I execute the “Closing Prayer” for our family’s Facebook Family Reunion Celebration Page that he’d created two weeks prior in honor of his brother Garry Simons as well as all of our ancestors who had transitioned to glory. This page was a display of our family members’ thoughts, photos and memories of our history.  The Perrys are may paternal Grandmother’s side of my father’s family.  I was so humbled and honored to do so.  While talking to my Dad later that evening, the Holy Spirit led me to share this personal family prayer publicly so others may be blessed by it as much as we were.  Printing is available when reading it directly from my Blog at www.thedaughterofchrist.com.  I pray that it is a blessing to you and your’s!
P.P.S. Join me this evening, Monday, Oct 1 at 9pm EST, on The Sons &  Daughters of Christ National Teleconference by Dialing 1-218-862-7200, Conference Code: 408568 as well as every Saturday at Noon EST for The Daughter of Christ Speak BlogTalkRadio Show that blessing the hearts and souls of Abba’s Royal Children all over the world!

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