DaddyGod, Open My Heart Wide!

DaddyGod Has Smiled on Me!

The past couple of weeks have been a very busy, yet exciting time not only for me personally but others within our world.  In the midst of my busyness, I kept in my heart what I confess daily: “DaddyGod, keep my heart open wide allowing Your unconditional Love to flow to, through and from me overflowingly!”  Love is so important to the very core of our being: Love is a healer, a deliverer, a reviver, a refresher, a soul-saver, and as importantly, an action that we just can’t live without, nor ever stop being in our daily lives.  Yes, just like Abba God, we are Love!

 My beautiful and anointed Kingdom Sister, Elder Vikki Kennedy Johnson, who, by the way, I was so blessed and honored to meet in person for the very first time  at Bishop Wayne & Lady Michelle Green’s Pastoral 1st Anniversary Banquet held on July 27th, tweeted on Twitter that following Monday how we all should maintain an open heart to Love.  Of course my being His Love Evangelist, I just had to reply with my excitement about her tweet while also confirming that I surely indeed was keeping my heart wide open.   Elder Vikki prophetically replied this powerful Love promise into my life on 7/30/12: Elder Vikki Kennedy Johnson & I

That’s why a tsunami of love is headed your way HisLoveEvang!
– @Eldervikki

 I immediately began to praise God for such a powerful promise spoken from Abba through my Kingdom Sister Vikki!  This tweet resonated with me so much personally, that it became the topic of my sermonette that same evening on The Sons & Daughters of Christ  bi-weekly teleconference.  I simply spoke His Message, “DaddyGod, Keep Our Hearts as Sons & Daughters Opened Wide,” from the heart of God, and while doing so, I was healed and refreshed personally myself.  Hallelujah, glory to God!  His teleconference Message reminded us: (1) never allow the enemy of past pains to cause blockage or close your heart to future love, (2) forgiveness is the key to healing and wholeness, therefore, the sooner you forgive those who have hurt you, the quicker you can truly live and receive the benefits of what I like to call a God-Love Life,” and finally (3) ask God to heal and open your heart wide so that His Love can flow towards you uninhibitedly as well as out of you abundantly to bless Him (your Creator), yourself and others. 

 After enduring the death of my Aunt Gwen (who gave her life to Jesus Christ and confessed Him as Lord & Savior on one of my ministry teleconference’s last year, glory to God) from a sudden heart attack at age 57 along with family crisis/division a few weeks ago, I cried out to God for a heart healing for myself.  I needed any and all anger or pain that I’d endured to be forgiven and released.  I wanted to Love again as I was born to do and have always done.  This “heart open wide” Message was truly a healing balm in Gilead for me.  You see, when you are a servant leader or mouthpiece for the Lord, He is also speaking to and serving you in the midst of your assignment fulfillment.  Moreover, He will allow you to be tested greatly in the area from which you minister mostly. But guess what? His Royal Sons & Daughters always pass the test(s)!  Isn’t God just awesome?!

The God-Love Life message is nothing new to me as I speak on His love all the time, but I always get a brand new revelation from His love each time I’m blessed to experience it as a releaser or recipient.  A little more God-Love in our lives each moment we’re blessed to breathe enables us to be more of a breath of fresh air for God to ourselves as well as those around us.

Exercise your Royal Privilege and Benefit by asking our Heavenly Father what I’m now asking Him throughout my day:

DaddyGod, keep my humble heart open wide!

He, our Heavenly Father, Loves you just as you are! Come to Him humbly, yet conversate with Him confidently, as He is concerned uniquely about you.  I always say, being a Royal Son or Daughter of God has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with relationship!  This is the season when the Lord is not merely seeking church pew fillers, but reaching out to bring His children back home to Him in the beauty of Love, Grace and Holiness.  Abba’s heart is openly available to you as well as waiting to receive your heart that was originally designed just for Him!

God-Loving Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. I also received another Twitter surprise this week: OWN Oprah Winfrey Network TV tweeted me the most amazing compliment! Take a look on the right of my blog near my “Love Tweets” to read what they said. I was so honored and excited! Thank you OWN TV!!!

P.P.S.  I want to take this moment to congratulate all of our U.S. Olympic Gold Winners!

11 responses to “DaddyGod, Open My Heart Wide!

  1. you are so awesome sis!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much my Royal Brother Sonny! To our DaddyGod be all the glory! P.S. It is your music that help me SOAR for Abba! Keep blessing the world with your gift!!! Love you!

  3. this was an awesome post! thank you for spreading the love!!!

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  5. What a blessing and a privilege it is to be used as a vehicle for building His Kingdom. Thank you Evangelist Darnella.

  6. …As I read this post Royal Soaror Darnella, the song “Speechless” came in my spirit!!! Thank you, Love you to LIFE my sister!!!

    • Wow, thank you so much Royal Soaror! And as I read your comments, tears of joy and thankfulness began to flow down my cheeks. I love you and thank you for taking the time to read DaddyGod’s words flowing through me!

  7. … As I read this post, the song, “Speechless” came in my spirit!!! Thank you, Love you to LIFE my sister!!! ❤

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