Bursting With God-Love!

I woke up this morning feeling a fresh dose of Abba’s love!  Nothing else seems to matter to me today other than the fact that God is Love and so am I! As His Royal Daughter, I have the honor and privilege of lying down and waking up every day of my life with God-Love covering and hovering over me. Guess what my Royal Siblings? So do you!

 Walk in God-Love like you’re going somewhere… Divine Destiny!

 In this fast-paced greedy-style world, if we’re not careful, we can get “sucked” into believing we’re unloved or unimportant.  But that is a lie straight from the pit of hell.  On the contrary, your life matters to God and His Love is always available to you.  You and I were born to Love and to be Loved unconditionally.  You and I have the privilege to receive God’s Love, the right to express God’s Love, and the mandate to share God’s Love with others.  When we accept and exchange these priceless Love gifts, we instantly begin changing within ourselves and the world around us for the better.  As I tweeted this morning on Twitter as @HisLoveEvang, “God-Love – Eat it, Speak it, Receive it, Live it, and for God’s sake Royal Siblings, please Demonstrate it!”

Today is a new day to receive a fresh dose of Abba’s Love specifically gifted just to you!  The pain and disappointments of yesterday are gone.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Love from the True Source is flowing in and all around you right now – graciously receive it!  Love on yourself, and I guarantee you, others will be magnetized to love right back on you!  Beginning with me…

I Love you and so does He (DaddyGod)!


Your Sister Darnella
The Daughter of Christ

P.S. I’m so excited – I’m coming to Tampa, FL on June 30th to launch a brand new Chapter of The Daughters of Christ Soarority (DsOC-FL)! If you are a Kingdom Sister in the Tampa, FL area and would love to join us for this God-Loving and God-powerful launch service, reach out to me via the Contact Form or click on “His Daughters” for more information. Keep me uplifted as I bring wayward Sons & Daughters back home relationally to Abba God as well as to one another as Royal Kingdom Siblings.

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