Expressions of Love

“Count it not strange when someone shows you love; count it all joy when you’re blessed to hear someone say, “I love you.”  — Darnella Moore 

My heart almost burst wide open when the Holy Spirit spoke this quote to me one morning. As normally is the case when the Loving Holy Spirit begins speaking to and through my heart, tears of joy and thanksgiving began to flow from my eyes as I ponder on the goodness of God’s love that operates in my life. How sobering and humbling.

Our awesome God has countless ways of expressing His unconditional love towards us.  He has also provided many ways for us to do the same towards each other.  His love is ever flowing and never ending.  It is bountifully available for us to experience as well as for us to share.  Whether we’re on the receiving or releasing end of His love, you and I are on the winning side because love conquers all!

It amazes me when I reach out to hug someone (yes, I’m a hugger) as opposed to merely shaking their hands and their response is aloof.  In some cases, they appear shocked that I would dare render them a loving hug as I’d done something strange to them although such a gift should be a normal occurrence of greeting one another with Godly love.  Nevertheless, after my hug is lovingly given, that person almost always realizes that I came to heal and not hurt them with absolutely no strings attached. 

I, on the other hand, find it strange when people freeze up at the presentation of love.  My mind often wonders in these instances, “why in the world would a person reject love.”  I’m then reminded of the fact that each of us has different life experiences, worldviews and relational backgrounds which may or may not include wealthy doses of healthy love.  It is also when I’m reminded of how timely my unique calling is, as His love Evangelist, to release God’s divine love truly is.

Divine love is my entire DNA; love is who I am; love is all around me just because I am the Daughter of the Source of love – God!  My daily prayer is for God to pour more of His love into me so that I can release His love upon others.

… And when I do – release His love, that is, I hope that the next person I reach out to will receive it as wholeheartedly and willingly as I release it.  Receive and release the love of God today!

Loving God & You Always,
Your Sister Darnella

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