Make It Happen!

My Dearest Royal Readers:

Our lives are truly in the Master’s very capable hands as Sons and Daughters, but our destinies are in our own hands. Abba God has provided us with the necessary resources, naturally and spiritually, including a continual flow of His guidance to lead us, but it is up to us to make things happen in our lives. We must put His love, His Word and His power to work! And when we do, we’ll begin to experience the greatest level of personal satisfaction and achievement in our lives.

Each of us has been given a God-given ordained assignment to fulfill in the earth. What is your’s? If you’re challenged at answering this question, you need to enter into your secret place with God and have a one-on-one talk with Him. He is actually waiting to have this profound conversation with you because He wants to see you accomplish greatness for His glory as well as your benefit. On the other hand, you may know what your unique assignment is, but what are you doing about it? Are you obeying God’s instructions that will guide you to fulfillment or are you sitting idly around waiting for a miracle? Whatever situation you find yourself in with respect to doing what you were born and born-again to do, just get to stepping towards it! Lets make it happen!

My life has not been the same since I got serious about my walk with God as His Daughter and about my God-ordained purpose as His servant. I have so much more joy, peace, and of course, love flowing all around me since I decided to make Jesus and my purpose my choice! Giving God the glory, I’m glad to hear that others are being blessed as a result of my obedience too. I find myself wondering now, “why in the world didn’t I began fulfilling my purpose a long time ago?” I’m having a blast making it happen in the area of heart matters for God, myself and others.

Stand up my Royal Siblings and begin moving towards your destiny. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. You and I only have today and the support of one another to make it happen!

I love and am praying for you and your families!

Always, Your Sister

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One response to “Make It Happen!

  1. So true. So many times the very thing we are looking for is right before us. I also ponder why I was living on purpose a long time ago. I have put my hand to the plow and I will not let it go.

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