Radio Show: “Loving Greatness” featuring DeMario Cash

My Dearest Royal Readers:

I wholeheartedly believe that each of us as Sons & Daughters were born for individual GREATNESS through the Love and Empowerment of our Heavenly Father God. Sadly, many of us leave this earth without ever achieving, coming close to, or even having a glimpse of GREATNESS according to God’s definition by fulfilling our unique God-ordained assignments for His glory. Thankfully, some of us have or are presently doing so in our Royal Lives as Kingdom Children.

On my radio show this past Saturday, I featured one of our Kingdom’s rising young Sons who is doing just that — DeMario Cash, new Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur (CEO of his own financial firm), from Atlanta, GA. DeMario’s book, Cashampioness: The Greatness Equation, will be published mid-Spring and is power packed with inspirational and motivational reading on achieving GREATNESS in your life. I’ll surely post DeMario’s Book Release Announcement and link to purchase at that time.

In the meantime, remain connected with DeMario on Facebook:

I was also so excitedly blessed to feature the worship music of one of my “NYC HomeBoys,” Gospel Recording Artist & Music Minister Sonny Rivera. His recent release, Jesus It’s U,” set the souls of The Daughter of Christ Speaks audience on absolute fire!

Purchase “Finally: Sonny Rivera” CD Here:

Experience the BTR Show for yourself and Become GREATER!

Be sure to tune in this upcoming Saturday, Dec. 18th, for my last BTR Show of 2010! I’m going to be powerfully and lovingly speaking on the visionary prophetic Word of God to the Heart of Sons & Daughters — you and I.

Next year, my BTR Show that I host every Saturday at High Noon EST – The Daughter of Christ Speaks… A 30-Minute Dose of His Love – is Lifting Higher with life-changing Words, interviews, music and so much more to change our lives forever. Thank you all so much for your support this year: I launched the show in June 2010 and since then over 1,200 people have tuned in live or via recording! And, I’m not sindicated (yet — in man’s limited eyes anyway…) To God be all the Glory!!!

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In His Love,
Your Sister Darnella

One response to “Radio Show: “Loving Greatness” featuring DeMario Cash

  1. it was an honor to be a part and the Kingdom is blessed to have people like Darnella Moore and Demario Cash using their unique gifts and anointings to bless not only the people of God but the world. Congratulations Darnella!!; this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

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