Radio Show: “Church Pain” Featuring Author Janice Payne

On Sunday, November 14th, I was so honored and blessed to attend and serve as Mistress of Ceremony (MC) for my Royal Soror, Author Janice D. Payne’s Book, CD Release and Stage Play Production held in Washington, DC entitled, “Lord, Why Is There So Much Pain in the Church?”

Royal Soror Janice addresses the unfortunate, yet realistic, dilemma of pain that we sometimes endure and inflict upon one another within the church. She vividly and candidly shares her own painful experiences of being hurt in the church, as well as that of others within the sphere of her influence. The play provides a moving storyline of a young married woman in the church who enters a blackslidden state and how the church members, including the Pastor, rejected her for doing so. The characters also include a false Prophet who visits the church with a “profitting” intent as opposed to a true Prophet’s mantle.

Ministry Leaders: I highly encourage you to consider bringing Janice’s awesome Stage Play Production to your part of Zion. I know that you and your church family will be as blessed as I was to experience it.

On my BlogTalkRadio show this past Saturday, I interviewed Royal Soror Janice, and our Lord moved mightily on the show!

Click here to listen and be blessed:

If you’ve experienced church pain, I pray that the Love of God will enter into and flow through your life to heal all manner of pain, hurt, sickness and disease, in the mighty Name Lord Jesus!

Loving You Always,
Your Sister Darnella

P.S. In the photo with Royal Soror Janice and I is Bishop Wayne E. Green of Free Gospel Deliverance Temple, Capital Heights, MD, where she and I met many years ago. It was like homecoming at the show–I was so excited to see all of my Royal Siblings from Free Gospel ~ my very first church home in MD upon my relocation there from New York City.

P.P.S. I give a special honorable salute to my (first in MD) Spiritual Father & Mother, Apostle Ralph E. & Pastor Shirley Green of FGDT! Thank you for all of the Love, Word and Wisdom of God poured into my life as your Spiritual Daughter. The fruit you see manifesting from me now is a portion of your awesome and anointed mantle laid upon me back then. I am forever grateful! Visit

3 responses to “Radio Show: “Church Pain” Featuring Author Janice Payne

  1. The Play, and the AWESOME “CD” in addition to the Book, “LORD, WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PAIN IN THE CHURCH?”, is a Must SEE, Must HEAR, and Must READ.

    It’s POWERFUL, ANOINTED, and nothing but the TRUTH!!!!

    Get the CD (“Its off the chain!”) and the Book…Let God bless, heal, and deliver in your life. Get a copy for a Christmas gift…help deliver someone you know.

  2. Thank you my Royal Sister Rhonda for reading my blog and commenting. I concur–everyone needs to purchase and read Royal Soror Jan’s book and CD. I Love you and am praying for you, Your Sister Darnella

  3. Ditto to above comments. Beautiful work!

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