The Blessings of Being His Child

His Writer DarnellaThere are bountiful benefits and blessings as a result of being more than merely a creation of God, but being a Child of God: A bloodline to the King of (all) Kings and Lord of (all) Lords; a joint-heir with the Lord Jesus Christ to the throne. If you have yet to yield, submit, confess and commit your life back to your heavenly Father through His Son Jesus, you want to do so immediately. Don’t wait until you “have it all together,” because you never will. He loves you just as you are and holds the responsibility as Father of building you up where you’re torn down and molding a brand new life out of you! Glory, Hallelujah, who wouldn’t want to serve such a Mighty God as this!

[Suggestion: Pray the Sonship Prayer on the right to become His Child.]

God our Father has made many promises to us, but one promise He has made covers all the others: He promises to never leave nor forsake us. No matter how hard times get, no matter how disobediently we spiritually fail or fall, no matter how wealthy or poor we are, no matter how many friends we have, no matter how famous or barely known we are, our heavenly Father (Who is the ultimate Father) is not going to abandon you nor I. Deuteronomy 31:6 says, Be strong, be bold, don’t be afraid or frightened of them, for ADONAI your God is going with you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you, CJB). If Daddy doesn’t say anything else to us, this promise alone sufficiently comforts our child-like hearts and spirits. It suffices because as long as we have His presence, guidance, provision and protection at our side and disposal at all times, we’re already victorious in advance even before approaching the starting line of any race we’re faced to run during our tenure of time on earth. Some of us have unfortunately experienced the abandonment or loss of a natural parent in our personal lives, but none of us will ever have to endure such a piercing pain as a Child of God. Never! My Royal Siblings, whether you’re a child or adult, if you have experienced the painful abandonment of a mother or father in your life, cheer up and look up to the One Who unconditionally and lovingly cares for you. This is what my natural siblings and I had to do when our single-Mom faced raising four children alone and it is also how we not only survived, but triumphed in every area of our lives. We refuse to become a statistic. We were taught and trusted in God’s Word that said we were more than conquerors through Christ Jesus Who loves us. Debbie, Robin, Jermaine and I by no means live flawless lives, but each of us know how to get right back up whenever we fall down. This determination came from the example of our single-Mom as well as from the strength of our heavenly Daddy Who was with us through childhood every step of the way and remains with us today. If He took care of and healed our broken hearts due to the absence of our (natural) father, He will do the same for you! Again, the awesome benefit and blessing of allowing Him, and only Him, to be Lord over your life.

[Suggestion: Visit my Teaching Audio link to listen to my Blog Talk Radio Show entitled Will Christian Fathers Please Stand.]

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. (Matthew 7:11, NLT). Daddy sees the best in us and have the best for us. He loves to lavish His children with awesome gifts that they can not only enjoy themselves, but also share with others. Some are natural/material gifts, while others may be spiritual, emotional or physical gifts. Whatever form of gifting He graciously bestows upon you today, you can rest assure that He felt you deserved it (as Child) and was excited to release it to you (as Father).

Open your heart to receive the most powerful gift from Him – that is, the gift of unconditional and passionate Love straight from the Source Himself. Daddy Loves you and so do I!

Passionately Yours,
Your Sister Darnella

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