Remain Focused In The Wilderness!

The Daughters Logo

The Daughters Logo

Excerpts from Royal Soror Teleconference, June 21, 2010
“A Daughter’s Response During Wilderness Times”
(Spoken by God, The Holy Spirit, through Evangelist Darnella Moore)

Click “Her Teaching Audios” to the right and be blessed by Darnella’s full teleconference teaching to The Daughters of Christ Royal Sorors.

Main Scripture: Deuteronomy Chapter 2

Our Focus While in the Wilderness:

1. My Posture (Psalm 84:5-7)

A Daughter of Christ stands tall with her head held high even during the most difficult moments.

2. My Position (Jeremiah 42:3)

A Daughter of Christ is seeking and strictly adhering to her heavenly Father’s instructions given to her throughout this season of her life.

3. My Passion
I am born on purpose for purpose! I was born to do something so unique that no one else in the world was born to do. Moreover, this is something that I absolutely LOVE doing!

4. My Praise (Psalm 77:10-15)

I’m not only praising God in advance for where I’m going, but also from whence I came from. I’m reflecting on the previous wilderness moments in my life when my God delivered me!

5. My Prophecy

What has gone spoken prophetically over (Himself) and into (from other leading Sons & Daughters) my life concerning my future? It should be journaled/documented so that I can return to and reflect on it as a reminder of what my future holds for me.

6. His Promise (2 Chronicles 6:10)

If my Daddy said it, He will perform it! Did, did, done, done. It is finished!

Conclusive Scripture: Acts 2:25-28

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