Welcome My Fellow Sons & Daughters of Christ

His Writer Darnella

My Dearest Royal Family,

Welcome to my new official blog where you’ll receive a fresh and loving Word from our Heavenly Father as inspired by His Holy Spirit through me. I’m merely the humble and obedient writer–He is the Speaker. I’ll not only be sharing timely thoughts throughout my day, but also my written articles and/or sermons that I pray will speak to your heart and minister in a profound and life-changing way to your soul.

My God-ordained purpose in the earth is to unite and inspire the Kingdom Family of God (to include all races, nationalities, religious denominations and affiliations) through the power of God’s Love; He is Love, and therefore, so shall we be (Love) as well. It is high time for the Body of Christ–Jew and Gentile–to come together in love, faith and unity. We may not always agree on Torah or Biblical theology, but we can surely concur on this one unchangeable fact: Our Creator God the Father is the one and only God who loves His children and created us for the purpose of loving Him (through obedient and righteous living) in return. Mastering our love-walk with Him, then enables us to love one another, and as importantly, ourselves with the same passion and to the same degree that He, our Heavenly Father, loves us.

Because He is, we are, The Sons & Daughters of the Most High God who are empowered and commanded to take dominion in the earth! Let’s do it in Love, Unity and Power!!!

In His Love, Your Sister Darnella

2 responses to “Welcome My Fellow Sons & Daughters of Christ

  1. you are a great inspiration to a lot of woman in Christ Jesus. I waited for 17 years in Christ and God himself Loved me with devine Agape Love sent me a Boaz, and I never even thought I would ever get married again, after becoming a widow in my 50’s. He took me away from my comfort zone(Jericho City of Praise) and brought me to VA where he has put me on another level in Him to be a witness for someone else. I never wanted to leave Jericho, BUT GOD had other plans. God has given me the best husband any woman could ever ask for. And everything that God says when we hold out for him is so very, very true. God bless you daughter. Continue on in Jesus Name and God bless you and your family and Ministry.

    • My Kingdom Sister Janice, it is such a blessing to receive your love and comment. It’s amazing how God patterned our lives as I He took me to Hampton Roads for three years and away from our church home in 2005 as well. He assigned me to the State of VA for ministry, but has just instructed me to go home to Jericho full-time again. I obediently am doing so. Congratulations on your marriage to a wonderful Son of Christ and I pray that our heavenly Father will continue to wash and water your marriage and life as a whole. Keep in touch with me and remember that I Love you and all of my Sisters very much! In His Love, Your Sister Darnella

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